Madonna & Statement Fabrics Velvet, Charmeuse, & English Lace


The Critics Choice Awards

Hi readers! Hope you are doing well. As you know award season is in full swing and I am loving the gowns, tux and suits stars & celebrities are wearing for the award ceremonies in 2019. The Golden Globes 2019 really kickstarted the award season with some looks that were timeless, elegant, & effervescent with shimmer. I am also loving the fashion from The Critics Choice Awards 2019. I love the neckline & the bust portion of Emily Blunt’s pearl-white Prada bejeweled gown. Given Emily Blunt’s natural features, this glamorous look is a perfect ode to yesteryear’s Hollywood glamor & a cheerful hello to the future. Honestly, she exuded glamor without the appropriate accessories required. She could have gone without the grey silver clutch OR the stunning earrings & still have made the top-dressed list. This gown is that stunning & gorgeous. It had the most perfect hint of color-blocking, which was the bold look some stars chose for the evening.


Some of MY other favorites were Nicole Kidman’s Black & White Armani Prive gown, Amandla Stenberg’s burgundy Khaite stunner, Emmy Rossum’s Blood Wine (Ox Blood) velvet gown, Regina King’s Lavender/Lilac bejeweled Michael Kor’s gown, Michelle Yeoh’s burgundy one-shoulder gown with an attached cape & rose, & Dominique Jackson’s August Getty emerald green gown on lame fabric. I did notice shorter hemlines on gowns this year, which was interesting. From what I can tell from the two award ceremonies’ red carpets is that 2019 award season has been about fabrics. While The Golden Globes 2019 were all about pairing fabrics with diamonds & gemstones, The Critics Choice Awards 2019 were about the relationship between fabrics & their colors. For more coverage, see HERE.


Fabric & Religion

Many people don’t know that religion & fabrics have a huge relationship begging to be explored. I realized this on my first trip to Italy. Italy was one of the most magnificent trips of my entire life. As one would expect, no trip to Italy starts without a visit to a museum. I was enraptured by the magnificent two-dimensional works by Renaissance connoisseurs, but the surprising elements were in the sculptures.

The two sculptures I remember the most were Michelangelo’s Pieta and Madonna of Bruges, which has been moved. I really observed in-person how the two artists showed fabrics on bodies. I began wondering what fabrics Mary wore when she was alive. I was talking to my sister about this when a bishop approached me & asked to expand on my conjectures. I could tell I created a buzz – some looked put off, and most happy I made this observation. I told the Bishop that I think Mary was a fashion icon & that she always has been one for me because why would artists like Michelangelo encapsulate her as such with fabric. I could tell this Bishop was talented & very important because as I talked more, more and more, more priests & bishops showed up. He told me to keep my hunger & research my theory more and really explore the essence of HER. Before he left, I did manage to tell him about Anna Wintour.

He came to me in Germany after I got married & thanked me for all my work. His power was even more intense-the most intense and pure and purple I could think of. Today, I so want to thank Pope Francis for allowing the MET GALA 2018 to have a theme relating to the Catholic Church. It is so pleasing for fashion enthusiasts like me to see a bridge being made in recent times between religion and fashion and I really, really believe it is because global fashion is becoming sustainable & ethical. And I would like to personally thank Pope Francis because after having met him & discussing my life goals, which was heaven, I have spent my life being reminded of what I set out to do. I know he has something to do with that.

The 2nd task he assigned me as a teacher was to find out what “Goliath” is. And it is my firm belief that Prophet David PBUH created “Goliath” aka religion. I beieleve there was no religion before David. Every creature lived in peace, but something happened where David felt the need to create “religion” aka submission to one-true God. David probably lived during the time of Prophet Moses PBUH & Prophet Jesus Christ PBUH. Each one formed a religion-Judaism & Christianity. Think here for a minute. The youngest Prophet of all (the number 124,000 is mentioned in Quran) was Prophet Muhammed PBUH who was chosen by God & ordained by people to form the religion I follow, Islam.

I told my paternal grandfather once that culture is fabric & embroidery is the law. So what is a religion? He replied “a woman”. Think here for a minute.

Adam created Man & Woman.


I know from personally talking to the star that the charmeuse fabric reminds Madonna of reflection & praying. Like A Prayer is a beautiful video song where Madonna visualizes what praying for her is like. There is fire, gold, hair, & charmeuse. Why charmeuse fabric? Because this fabric has just the right amount of reflection & a whole lot of darkness. And when does a human really pray or reflect, but in the moment of complete darkness? Beautiful fabric, although not everyone’s cup of steaming tea.

Like A Prayer – (See HERE)

English Lace

Madonna used English lace in her video songs many times in the initial stages of her career. It was during this moment in her life when she as an adult began understanding or exploring the importance of the name that was given to her by her father at birth. I choose La Isla Bonita because to me this is where I spotted her discovering what the name “Madonna” means. In the next video, Like A Virgin, English lace interplays with tulle, which is construed from English lace. However, the only thing that stood out to me was her words praying to Jesus Christ to find her love because she is blond, which means trouble. Cute. Another derivative of English Lace although not as coveted is the French’s Chantilly lace.

Textured – (See HERE)

Like a Virgin – (See HERE)

Rich Velvet

Rich velvet is another fabric beloved by Madonna. I may have gone shopping with her in Pakistan when she told me that. Haha. She loves rich velvet, not just any velvet. Rich velvet is interesting because it can look like silk when seen not in person. I chose Vogue and Frozen video songs because in the former Madonna explores gender (male) & sex (female) roles in the world full of ideas. She even goes as far as incorporating science & literature references. The latter video is epic to me because she is very, very particular about the fabrics in the video song. She chose all of them in Pakistan. In this video song, she plays with energy and truly becomes “a” Madonna. She wore two outfits that contain fabrics China Chiffon, Silk Chiffon, Tulle and rich Velvet. Other energy holes she filled with animals, wildlife and important digital tricks. The lyrics symbolically cut the energy created by the mentioned elements & add another layer or texture in the Frozen video song. It’s a perfect balance.

Vogue – (See HERE)  

Frozen – (See HERE)


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