Make Your Sephora Beauty Insider Perks The Prettiest For Spring


Hi guys! It feels great to start writing again. Do check out the newer website of Hermes (see HERE) designed to make your minutes online creative, informative, and fun. Banana’s Republic’s new website’s design (see HERE) is perfect for those who have little time on hand and want a more focused experienced online. Other newsworthy developments that are fastedly coming to an end are my animated movie projects, which I worked in collaboration with PETA and Adobe. Dumbo (Live Action) releases on March 29th, 2019; Aladdin releases on May 24th, 2019; The Secret Life of Pets 2 releases on June 7th, 2019; and The Lion King (Live Action) releases on July 19th, 2019. Make sure you dedicate a few hours for a movie theater this spring and summer. 

*This section is for your adults only. You can discuss this with your children the way you seem to fit. 

I have received a few questions from concerned people about my story. While many of you have read and supported me through reading my entrepreneurial posts, there are some brave enough to ask me about the torture I endured in Pakistan in the 1980s. It is no surprise that I will repeat what I have updated in my previous post. Please do not shop online for clothes or any other Pakistani/Indian/Afghani items online. This merchandise is stolen and is war exploits. Making the mistake of purchasing them willingly does mean you support all sorts of global violence. That is why I posted pictures and typed up a blurb of all the Pakistani designers I do NOT support. Believe me when I say you can find many of Osama Bin Laden’s 72 (or was it 74?) “wives” when you search Pakistani designers. The only designer I remember as a victim of honor was Sabyasachi who became a soldier and passed away because of a Hindu suicide bomber. Again, do not purchase from his website. Go to The Democratic Country of Pakistan & learn instead. 

So besides the emotional roller coaster, I experienced as I was the youngest one in the group of kidnapees, I can say I was physically assaulted only once where I passed out and was probably saved from further “damage” by Gina Haspel (who was also one of the kidnapees and treated the worst). I was locked up in a chicken coup for 2.5 minutes with dead hens and a head (?). And then in a dark room with dead bodies left in there after rituals involving sexual intercourse and murders were completed. The only long term physical effect to me from these two events is the liver virus I contracted that led to acne, which has led me to be a carrier of acne. So mothers of children who do are wondering if they should marry a Vanderbilt or the Windsor, please note that we are “carriers” of blue-eyed boys with acne. And that is it! Reach out to Anne Wojcicki to learn about the difference between “a carrier” and “a genetic makeup”. I have a funny feeling you won’t have to. I received a blood transfusion because they thought I would die otherwise. I could only imagine the level of training Gina Haspel went through to be where she is today. Funny the traditional media doesn’t mention any of this; yet. I do remember hearing horrible screams from the kidnappers; hearing ABOUT obscene acts being performed, and physical torture. 

So I chose to include this above information with my spring Sephora post because I still think beauty and torture go hand-in-hand. 🙁 


To Achieve The Sweetest Spring Looks From Sephora  

I still love the products I recommended on the post (see HERE). The rest of the Sephora posts of mine are about makeup “looks” and not appropriate to link to this post. But, do read them in the near future.

As I mentioned before, the western designer fraternity and sorority has supported The Democratic Country of Pakistan aka The Indian Subcontinent on the global fashion platform. As I mentioned earlier, I was approached in 2017 to help define the fashion of 2019 (and maybe further on too) and we all just happened to be in Pakistan during that time. My blog was a huge impetus behind this opportunity. Given how appropriate it is for Pakistan to be recognized on a global fashion platform, I posed the possibility of just working with fabrics and fabrics from Pakistan also. The fashion weeks in New York, London, Paris, and Milan held in February 2019 and March 2019 were about fabrics as they play a huge part in our lives and the most exciting part was to see critics agree with the idea that something plain like fabric can serve as inspiration for fashion couture shows. Even the Golden Globe Awards 2019, Critics Choice Awards 2019, Screen Guild Awards 2019, and the Academy Awards 2019 were inspired by my idea and picked Bunto Kazmi to provide fabrics for their fashion ideas. Wonderful, no?  

After seeing the potential that fabric offers to markets, politics, & fashion, I thought we can apply a little color to “the spin”. 

While All About Sana has played a part in enlightening the world about fabrics, it has also encouraged everyone to make smarter choices. One can really spend a lifetime taking inspiration from fabric and playing with it through embroideries, silhouettes, and embellishments, and even participating in writing laws governing it. What better way to kickstart a new fashion decade than feminine pink! The internet has been a blessing more than a curse because it encouraged a range of fashion philosophies that made consumers fly to a shopping mall and buy the latest trends. While this form of creativity was an efficient way to spread ideas and individuality, it also brought forward a host of problems like “influencers” and “gaps” in regulation related to fabric markets globally. Why not take everything we have learned in the last 40 years and introduce the 2020s with smarter fashion ethos?

Pink is nostalgic, fresh and vibrant like the spring, and an energetic inspiration for many parties; it oddly reminds me of the industrial age of 1920s America as well. The industrial age of America seems similar to the one of Europe in the 1880s, which ironically started the immigration waves to America, I think. Pink also reminds me of the negativity associated with the time period. So while I can suggest you reach for the pink tie or the pink dress anytime in spring 2019, I also like to tell you that in the 20th century, pinks can be applied even to makeup.

For Skin:

I purchased this sunscreen (see HERE), which felt light, hydrating, and I saw exfoliation (but not the peeling) immediately. I would spray a few squirts while covering my eyes with the other hand and then spread the oil based sunscreen with a makeup brush. It is super easy and efficient because I discovered the sunscreen can act as a makeup brush cleanser as well. This way you need to wash the brush with a gentle cleanser once every other month or so.

If you read up my winter skincare post, you will find the name of the oil based cleanser I have been using and getting great results. I use it with this rose quartz product (see HERE) and literally seeing the toxins that were floating underneath my skin be drained. This Kora Organics product comes with a face lymph nodes manual that I recommend for directionality only. The pressure and combination of strokes are dependent on your liking. I just remember to glide the Gua Sha towards the ears and hairline. My mantra for my 30+ old fabulous skin is to ask why not add more healing and soothing oils onto it.