Making A Starbucks Outing Instagrammable With Ella Mila


Hi Guys! Hope you are enjoyed the first week of fall 2018. I am flying to New York City, New York (Look out for a post soon!) soon. It will be my first trip since winter 1998, where I caught my first ever heavenly snowfall. This time around I happen to be going during their supposed hellish- hued fall. Just kidding. Umm… nice imagery though.

I’ve written about California’s odd autumn season on my blog on several occasions. However, no matter how much the East Coast residents (who will hate me for saying this) love their warm-hued fall foliage against the chilly autumn weather, there is no beating a “hippy” Californian talking up their state’s weather because it is gorgeous all year-long. Sure our idea of fall is putting on a dark long-sleeved shirt or grabbing coffee more frequently because it looks hip, but Californians have our share of fall-only activities (See HERE) that can be found anywhere in America. But I digress. Being the birthplace of Instagram ( 😉 ), I thought why not combine some of MY old favorite things to do in California with some new favorites things to do here in today’s post.


You must know about my obsession with Starbucks. At least, I hope you do although no one has gifted me a Starbucks gift card since I was a teacher. Nothing makes me more proud of being an American then walking into that familiar woodsy-colored Starbucks store, waiting in line while eavesdropping on the people in front of me, and reading the menu only when I reach the register. No one complains since we are nice here, okay? There have been occasions where I have posted “a” Starbucks drink multiple times on my private Instagram page. Sometimes it is those floral tea drinks, sometimes I post pictures of those calorie-monster frappuccinos, sometimes it is me holding a coffee cup, and sometimes it is of a plain ol’ Starbucks cup of semi-hot mocha. Read my visit to the first Starbucks store in the world HERE.

I am sure other bloggers have the same star-crossed dilemma of combining Starbucks in their fall/winter posts because what is really special about Starbucks other than their annual seasonal drinks? (That rainbow unicorn drink is soo 2016 btw). However, I have some tips to make your next (or tomorrow’s) Starbucks outing a lot more Instagrammable. I learned about this cruelty-free and vegan nail polish/lip gloss brand (See HERE) last year and guys I am a fan. I dedicated a post on Ella Mila just a few weeks ago HERE.

Today, I am doing a second post because this brand is all about the fun colors, which women and girls of all ages would like to enjoy a variety of on their vanity counter. I will focus only on some of their nail polish colors again. Since we hold something with our hands (not our feet, hopefully) and because lip glosses don’t really go with a blog post about a food item, I decided that’s the only way to go.


So ladies, how cute would a hot cup from Starbucks look in your hand if they were painted with Naughty Not Nice (See HERE), Holiday Fling (See HERE), In Line For Wine (See HERE), Purple Reign (See HERE), Moonshadow (See HERE), When The Sun Goes Down (See HERE), Samba Beats (See HERE), or Champagne Pop (See HERE)? You can take a picture (or have someone take one for you) while waiting in line to place that mighty similar Starbucks order, or grabbing YOUR coffee cup from the barista, or while holding your coffee cup right before a sip. To add seasonal touches, you can always include the decor Starbucks has up during the holiday season.

For warmer seasons, those clear plastic cups are your only option when you order their lovely chilled drinks. Most of their teas/coffees are colored black, red, green, or cafe du leche. Nail polish colors like Stuck On You (See HERE), My Fantasy (See HERE), Lip Stain (See HERE), Coral Crush (See HERE), Late Night Tart (See HERE), Bags Are Packed (See HERE), Bon Voyage (See HERE), Sandy Toes (See HERE), or Rose-Ay All Day (See HERE) are perfect. Some of the best locations in Starbucks during these seasons are outside under their patio umbrellas or in front of those adorably intricate menu blackboards.


So, ladies, I have included some matte nail polish colors with some metallic colors, which are all the rage during the cooler months. But there is no hard rule. Look out for another post soon.


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