Man-izing your Wardrobe


3869I recently received my Fall/Winter 2017 copy of Saks magazine. It had tons of cute ideas to make anyone look trendy, cute, and well-put together for the cold season. I highly recommend subscribing to the circulation by being a Saks customer. You won’t regret it.

One of the trends prevalent in the magazine was the pantsuit and other androgynous looks.  It was refreshing to see women-wear meshing with men’s wear this season and creating what some are calling the “power suit” look. Sooo I thought I could be more creative and give tips on how to add more men’s styles to your wardrobe without well, looking like a cross-dresser.

Fedora Hats

Ditch the sun hats and go for the good ol’ sexy Fedora hats to accessorize your dresses and jeans. How about a bulky cable sweater or an off-the shoulder blouse to go with an all-white fedora? Similar styles can be purchased HERE and HERE.


Over-sized Blazer

After obsessing over the runway fashion of New York Fashion Week, I know 90’s are back with a bang. Ditch the well-fitted or slim-cut blazer and go for a looser fit. How about pairing your sweater or jeans with a colorful blazer with its sleeves scrunched up? Add a men’s watch and stiletto heels to complete the look. The look can be bought HERE  and HERE.


Boyfriend Button-Down Shirts

Nothing says manly than a crisp button-down shirt. How about stealing this look with some over-sized shirts for yourself? Word of advise-think pinstripe and plaid instead of florals. This look can be found HERE and HERE. Wear a contrasting scarf if you want to look a little feminine.



This may be a little controversial and risky, but I love a cute bow-tie. How about moving those bows we adore on our Kate Spade handbags and Gucci stilettos to our necks? Do loud colors instead of the classics to avoid looking like Playboy bunny. Wear them with t-shirts or polka dot blouses. Go crazy-we will love it and men will hate it. Lol. To get some ideas, look HERE and HERE.


Well, this is an end to another quirky editorial. Let me know what you guys think. Happy Shopping!


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