Mark and Graham Concourse Collection for Your Upcoming Travels


Hi Guys and a happy Friday to you! I hope you had a wonderful and most importantly, a productive week. Today, I decided to do something kinda different. I usually don’t mix style with travel because to me, comfort is most important over anything during travel time. I usually pack jeans and layers like shirts, sweaters, and jackets or coats, maybe a dress here and there. For shoes, I have made the mistake of trying to look “cute” and packing ballet flats. HUGE mistake! Please, please just pack some stylish sneakers instead-your feet will thank you at the end of each day.

I see a lot of bloggers posting on luggage ideas and carrying very pretty luggage in their travel photos, but when I look at the prices, I talk myself out of buying it, thinking I rather pay for a pair of designer shoes with that money than invest in expensive luggage. Truly it is a personal preference and I am not encouraging you to shell out $900 on shoes when all you love to do is travel and spend your hard-earned money on every aspect of that. If you want to take chic photos of you standing in security lines with cute luggage, by all means go ahead; I’d rather get to the destination asap. Lol. Today, I took a risk and decided to tell my readers about a brand whose name I came across in an email-Mark and Graham. After looking at their website I learned that they sell everything from tech accessories and apparel to of course, luggage. However, what I liked about this brand’s items were that they looked durable, long-lasting, and unisex.

If you are traveling soon and are on the market for some good-looking luggage, consider the Concourse Collection by Mark and Graham. Consider the concourse Carry-On Spinner (see HERE). Made of vegan leather, its clever design allows it to fit in the overhead compartment. It comes in 3 colors and can be monogrammed. For the ladies, the Concourse Boarding Bag (See HERE) is a perfect travel accessory to carry instead of a purse. It is large enough to fit all your essentials, including a laptop, but small enough not to be considered a carry-on. And it is vegan as well!! For toiletries, consider the Concourse 2-in-1 Cosmetics Case (See HERE) also made of vegan leather. These three items can give your luggage a cohesive look. I do wish they had a large suitcase as well.

For those folks who like to carry their technology with them, consider the Bedford Laptop Case (See HERE) and the Leather Charger Roll Up (See HERE). For those folks that like their boarding pass, passport, credit cards, and Driver licence secured in one place, consider the Brooklyn Tech Envelope (See HERE).

Lastly, carrying jewelry in your luggage is a huge problem because it can get damaged during the flight. For earrings, consider the Leather Storage Cylinder (See HERE) and for your bracelets and necklaces the Park Avenue Jewelry Pouch (See HERE).

Well guys, check out Mark and Graham. Actually book your vacation first and then, go on their website 😉 Happy Shopping!!!



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