Merging Wardha Saleem With Charlotte Olympia


Hi guys! Hope you are doing well. Happy Sunday to you. As I am sitting this early, early morning writing this post, the Earth feels still and the only sounds I hear are of the fish tank and a pigeon cooing outside. It is the most incredible experience to be up so early, while the rest of the world is asleep (figuratively speaking). If you are a morning person, like me, then set aside some quiet time where you are just relaxing and listening to the sounds around you. It is so grounding.

Earlier this week, I received an email from Charlotte Olympia advertising some of their new arrivals. If you follow me on Instagram (see HERE), you have seen me don one of their famous and beloved kitty flats; which are so versatile because they can be an accessory to Western and Eastern wear. I love Charlotte Olympia shoes because of their play on colors and motifs. You will not find many neutrals here, just bursts of colors with imaginative embroidery and prints making you feel like a child in a candy shop.

Folks who live in the Los Angeles area, do know that this English designer is available on Rodeo Drive and Costa Mesa. Other locations can be found HERE. Even though she has a handful of storefronts in the world, she has a fabulous and easy-to-navigate website where you can purchase her shoes and clutches. Although do know that fashion websites like her official website (See HERE) and Net-a-Porter are based in Europe and charge a transaction fee for foreigner credit cards.

Knowing the vibrancy in Pakistani clothes, Charlotte Olympia’s shoes would be an excellent accessory to any colorful Pakistani outfit. Enhance a designer lawn suit or a silk suit with these little gems; it just requires your interpretation and a little bit of imagination. Today’s editorial is an answer to the question, “Which Pakistani designer would go well with these little works of art?” My answer is Wardha Saleem. Please note that I am going to focus on Charlotte Olympia’s shoes only. If your budget allows, you can purchase and mix-n-match her equally colorful clutch collection (See HERE).

The Wardha Saleem brand is known not only for their luxurious clothes, but their unique play of colors, prints, and silhouettes. She does a lot of fusion wear and incorporates indigenous, especially Sindhi aesthetics with a modern rather than a Western flair. A graduate of the prestigious Indus School Of Art and Architecture, her work speaks volumes of her understanding of textile, designing a luxury collection, and incorporating folklore in her clothes. The runway collections are available online (See HERE and HERE) and in her store and are the focal collection in this post.  The collection I am focusing on today is her most recent, “Mon Amour”.

Look # 1:

I love the Spanish look of some of Wardha Saleem outfits. They have playful shoulder designs, which were everywhere on the October’s issue of Vogue. It is all about the shoulders and bold necklines next season ladies so if you want to be ahead of the game, think of investing in this versatile western/eastern outfit. I love Wardha Saleem’s hand-painted bags, but given the shoes I am suggesting,  I would recommend going neutral with clutches. To give her fusion Eastern outfits a more European look, I would accessorize with flats rather than stiletto heels or platform heels. I would also recommend Charlotte Olympia’s Cherry Blossom Slippers (See HERE). These shoes are equally interesting as the pants and the top, plus the focus would be on the bottom half of the body. And for top-heavy girls, that is just what the doctor prescribed.

Look # 2:

For an ultra-glam dress from this collection, I can suggest Charlotte Olympia’s teal Anna May Wong Heels (See HERE). Outfits with short skirts with a lot of print are short enough to show skin and not overwhelm the eyes when we look at the heels. The contrasting shades of blue can be your interpretation of a gradient-play. Honestly, with an outfit and shoes like this, all you need is a black clutch and statement earrings. You will be totally the belle of the ball.

Look # 3:

For this look, you really have to use your imagination. If you are good at detecting and merging colors together, then you may understand why this Charlotte Olympia’s Matrioska Slipper (See HERE) works with these odes to the 70’s outfits. The seventies were about either platforms or flats and since there is so much volume in the outfit because of the sleeves and the belt, I would suggest doing flats instead of some uncomfortable sky-high heels. I suggest these shoes with pants. And the pants can be hemmed to the ankle, which can show-off these beautiful slippers and the contrasting colors can off-set each other. This look is for the highly imaginative lady only 🙂

Look # 4:

This is for the lady who is more classic and loves bright colors, not just pastels. I love the weave-work in some of Wardha Saleem’s outfits. It reminds me of a Bottega Venetta clutch. The true genius of the outfit is how she incorporates the weaving with the embroidery AND western motifs. If this was a traditional Eastern dress, it would be a mess. With the short dress that shows skin, I would wear these neutral Monroe (See HERE) heels.

Well ladies, I hope I have given you enough impetus to go out and invest in these two designers. They are quite established and talented in their respective fields. I have seen Wardha Saleem’s work in person, and it is beautiful. For Charlotte Olympia shoes, my last recommendation would be to order a size up as they run small.