My 2017 Travels in Review


Hi Guys and a happy Thursday to you (yes, random, I know)! I am beginning to see the other bloggers write a review/reflection on this year already, so I thought, why not join the bandwagon or in this case the holiday express and write about my year.

Last night, I said a prayer for next year to be a little easier. Although 2017 brought its share of joy and happiness for me, this year has been one of the most trying year in some time. Through it all I have come out strong and resilient and ready for future challenges-the good, bad, and the ugly. I won’t discuss my personal life but, I will talk about my goals and resolutions made just for 2017. In the beginning of this year, I made two resolutions. One was to do more seasonal activities and the second was to travel. While, the first resolution didn’t get any tailwind until in the last leg of the year, I did do a lot of traveling, which is something I love to do.

I started the year with a trip to Southern California to visit my newly wedded brother and his beautiful wife. They live in Long Beach and a hop-scotch away from the beach. You can read about my trip to Los Angeles/Long Beach HERE.


Long Beach, California

The following month I made my way across the globe to my birthplace, Karachi, Pakistan. I was only there for two weeks so I compacted a WHOLE lot of sightseeing, shopping, and visiting family in the limited time I had. This trip was my sixth trip there, so I forewent the usual things-eating out, going to the beach, shopping incessantly and instead, focused on visiting the historic sites, which I had never seen before. The trip was amaze-balls and you can read all about it HERE. If you do want to learn about shopping and entertainment in this gigantic and vivacious city, then click HERE.


Port Grand, Karachi

My last trip of the year was to Missouri and Toronto, Canada. I had originally planned to see the fall colors, but sadly, I missed them by about two weeks. However, I partook in other fun, local activities that were new to me. Basically, both these places involved spending a lot of time sightseeing and spending time with friends and family. You can read all about the trips HERE and HERE.

This year I also did some stay-cation-type things such as visiting The Winchester House (See HERE), three of the 21 California Missions (see HERE and HERE), and numerous trips to San Francisco and its suburbs, Walnut Creek (See HERE) and Berkeley (See HERE).

Ok guys, this is it. My year of travel (and partaking seasonal activities) is coming to an end. I have maybe one or two posts planned for the remaining year. Next year will be the second year of the blog and I am so appreciative of those who have stood by me through the blog’s tumultuous first year. Keep reading and keep traveling!!