Nourishing Your Winter Skin With Products Recommended To Sephora’s Beauty Insiders



Hi Guys! Hope you are doing well. I had to take major breaks this December because blogging in technically-sound writing requires a lot of research, focus, and sometimes stamina. I have been meaning to write a blog post on the United States’ laws implemented as recently as the late 1990s for the lucrative yet concerned makeup industry concerned over animal testing requirements for cosmetics/makeup products (not beauty products).

Information currently circulating is very misleading (take an example from this Readers’ Digest article HERE). But, until I see actual research on digital media and traditional media, it is difficult to deduce the scope of what and who these laws have helped. So instead I am doing a fun yet, didactic post on becoming a Sephora’s Beauty Insider & the products available in Sephora that can protect your skin during the harsh winter months.

*For Kids

The only new thing I will teach you in the introduction is some legal terms you need to know and understand. The term “organic” is only used for beauty products and food products. The terms “vegan” or “cruelty-free” is used for makeup products and should be used for fashion products. Think about the difference. Period.

*Not For Kids

Experience Being Sephora’s Beauty Insider

I have been a Sephora’s Beauty Insider for a couple of years now and the only complaint I have still is that their point system, which looks relatively simple, is not simple. It is very easy to sign up. All you need is your name & your email address and you are in. The break in the loop is in the different shopping experiences. I found out painfully that the Beauty Insider points from the products I shopped instore are not visible on my online account, but when I shopped online, they are quickly visible. On the other hand, shopping at a Sephora store is so fun not only because of all the fun & beautiful (pun intended) decor & products we can test but also because the customer service is friendly and informative for me. I always come out of the store with the products I intended to buy and loads more information about makeup and beauty products available at the store and online for me. I recently shopped at Sephora online for the first time and loved that experience as well. In addition to buying the Fenty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation I got fabulous free samples to test and a free gift because it is my birthday month. So a seamless shopping experience on

Beauty Products At Sephora For Winter Skin

My skin is sensitive and oily although with age it has calmed down. As a teenager I didn’t break out much however I also yearned for cruelty free makeup products that could cover up the few breakouts I had and still have my face remain shine-free. The same issue remained in my twenties even when the oil production is less comparatively (See HERE) to teenage skin. It wasn’t until 2016 truly that makeup products truly showed “intelligence”. And honestly taking care of my skin has been a cinch since then and knowing all the products (beauty (See HERE) and makeup) are cruelty free if not vegan is so wonderful.

So if you have my skin type, these cruelty-free beauty products are on my winter must-haves list:

For Lips:

  1. The Bite Beauty Agave Sugar Lip Scrub (See HERE) can be beneficial without even wetting your lips with water.
  2. The Bite Beauty Agave Lip Balm (See HERE) is light and not glossy so your lips feel very natural and moisturized after you put the balm on.

For Hair and Skin:

  1. Cleansing Your Face: Sephora doesn’t carry PCA products which I swear by. If you find a spa that specializes in PCA chemical peels and sells PCA products book a few appointments and see the difference in your skin after 2-3 sessions. If you are like me and live for seasonal radical changes in your beauty regiment try opting out of cruelty free products containing chemicals. Instead look into this cleansing oil (see HERE) which is wonderful for winter months. Depending on your skin type or age you may not even need to moisturize daily.
  2. SPF And Moisturizers: My skin type requires just a light moisturizer aka hydration since it is naturally oily even through the winter. Since my skin is not technically aging I don’t buy heavy moisturizers. Perricone MD products are great because they feel light on my skin yet effective enough to make my face feel hydrated. I loved the Perricone MD Daily Brightening Moisturizer (See HERE) because it targeted my skin needs but Sephora discontinued it. Try this Perricone MD moisturizer (See HERE) if you have my skin type and require gentle hydration instead of heavy moisturization. Including SPF in moisturizers saves precious minutes from your daily makeup and beauty routines. Or test this moisturizer from the same brand (See HERE) aimed for ALL skin types or ages.
  3. Argan Oil Hair Products: I have been using Argan Oil shampoos and conditioner products and swear by them. If you want a one stop beauty experience then spend some time HERE to see shampoo and conditioner products containing argan oil that Sephora carries online. Those who are curious which argan oil beauty brands I use currently can find them HERE or HERE and HERE as they are not available in Sephora. Remember since these hair products are organic there are no suds. But your hair gets clean and hydrated. Once you wrap your head around that concept (pun intended) you are gold.
  4. Argan Oil Body Beauty Care (See HERE): I honestly never believed in body washes since I feel they strip away your natural body oils which are so important to retain. Scrubbing or exfoliating your skin in the shower 2-3x/week is one thing, but using a loofah and washing your skin with a body wash daily is bound to leave you feeling dry. Skip the body wash in the shower and instead use body oils to moisturize & believe it or not, cleanse.

Well, guys, I hope I have given you beauty tips, ideas, and products you can gift your loved ones with. Happy Holidays!

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