Pairing Zaha Suits With St. Agni Loafers And Mules


Khadija Shah has innovated something completely different and brought Pakistan’s fashion to new heights. But, that’s expected of someone like Khadija Shah who started her label Elan back in 2000’s and has expanded it to new horizons with separate lawn, Pret, and Pret-a-Porter lines. So it was no surprise that she combined her fashion aesthetic and a strong business sense and formulated a whole new collection that merges the concept of unstitched lawn and Pret-wear. ZAHA is her newest venture in the fashion world and it has taken Pakistan by storm.

The debut collection, which has its own website (Accessed HERE) is a perfect fusion of personality and femininity. The concept behind ZAHA is similar to what has been done with Studio S.’s “The Boss Lady Collection” (See HERE). The team merged the versatility of an unstitched lawn suit with the convenience of Pret, or Ready-To-Wear, as it is known in Pakistan. While designing the Boss Lady collection for the working woman in Pakistan, whose number # 1 complaint is not having enough time to express their individuality in clothes, the team presented the market with pre-designed 2 – piece suits with the flexibility to pick print patterns. And best of all the fabric used in the collection is not lawn, but cotton – a deliberate divergence created for Pakistanis to embrace change in fashion businesses. And Studio S. wanted to put Seher on their social media campaign so the collective decision was to assign Studio S.’s Team as the marketers of “The Boss Lady” Collection (See HERE).

Taking the above concept ZAHA is doing something similar although not as avant-guard. Khadija, as bold as she is was surprisingly shy to jump into the deep end of embracing social media as the primary marketing agent (See HERE and HERE). And ZAHA’s first collection draws from her strong deep-rooted personality. ZAHA is designed for the confident woman who is just as spirited and creative. A ZAHA woman is impactful just because of the perfect balance she exudes from being grounded and liberated.

The collection has brought on-trend silhouettes for their online campaign and celebrate the beloved tradition of incorporating bright colors, artisanal embroideries mixed with the modern concept of responsibly sourced fabrics. It encourages the personal style and individuality of the ZAHA woman, giving her a one-stop destination for all her fashion needs.

We hope that Khadija takes on the help of social media and expand her market’s reach to everyday Pakistani women as well. To access her other brand, see HERE

Pairing ZAHA Suits With St. Agni Loafers And Mules

While some women in the United States can not wear these suits to work (excuse the “obviously” joke here), they can accessorize these suits for a dawat with high heels or Khussas (Eid idea here!). For women working in Pakistan, these suits will look lovely with some loafers and mules. While some work positions require women to always wear pumps with heels, loafers like these (See HERE) suit the needs of teachers, professors, and those women running shops or design houses. How cute are these sling backs (See HERE) available in 3 colors? Or the Berta Mule (See HERE) available in multiple colors? Some of my favorite St. Agnes designs are the Paris woven loafers and mules available HERE.