Pakistani Pret Wear And Emma Brewin Faux Fur Accessories


Hi guys and a happy Thursday to you! There’s something about the end of the week, whether you work from home or at an office, that makes people feel so excited and happy. If you are feeling listless today, let me tell you, say to yourself “one more day and then I will do this….”. That’s what weekends are all about. Relaxing, enjoying company (yours’ or others’), and meeting personal goals (don’t worry, they can be tied to your professional goals as well). It’s all about having fun because truly as adults, we forget that sometimes, present company included (he..he..). If you think about it, this is the point of the whole blog. I talk about series, important stuff that matters to people and then I add a little bit of travel and style, which is fun and an escape from the insanity that goes on around me.

With the goal to have fun today, I decided to do another “style” post in such a manner as if I was discussing it in an English tea party. Think Jane Austin, not Mad Hatter (pardon the impolite pun).  Although, I prefer writing posts where I am analyzing and interpreting literature, I do find writing “style” posts full-filling and entertaining. So here goes:


I came across Emma Brewin in the pages of Vogue article last year. What sealed the connection was her mission to make opulent-looking faux fur clothing herself in a studio in Kent, England. All of her products, which she takes great pride in are protective of traditional and expert skilled English workers and processes. Her brand ensures that local cultural manufacturing practices are celebrated and upheld whilst producing sumptuous, beautifully crafted pieces. When I hear of dear animals being hurt through the fashion industry, it feels like a sharp knife in my love-filled heart. So the fact that Emma has written (or posted) this mission on her website makes me want to connect with her brand and endorse it. Where the reader’s creativity creeps in is with merging Emma Brewin soft fantastical pieces with the loud, print-frenzy Pakistani fashion ethos.  Don’t think that her pieces don’t stick with the latest fashion trends of Pakistan. With short shirts and structured bottoms being passed around like cakes in a Sunday tea party, Emma Brewin’s celebrated crafted pieces are going to be a hit with all the ladies. Let’s continue…


I am not going to focus on any particular Pakistani label, but to avoid paying high-end designer prices for each piece in your look, go to Khaadi or Generation Pakistan for some stylish and trendy options. I love the idea of incorporating hats with Pakistani-wear. Some pieces of Emma’s I like are the Hazel Hat (See HERE) and the Bucket Hat Cloud Blue (See HERE). For a layered look, how about a monochrome faux fur coat over those beautiful printed kurtas and trousers. Wouldn’t the Pistachio Candy Coat (See HERE) or the Hazel coat (See HERE) look fantastic? For those fun girls out there, there are tons of fun accessories like the Puss Puss Earrings Midnight Blue (See HERE) that come in many colors or the Puss Puss Scarf (See HERE) or even the Honey Pot Bag (See HERE) for those conscientious fashionistas. Well, ladies, I hope I have given some ideas to go around with those tea cups. Now put your thinking caps on, go online to Emma’s website (See HERE) and pick a piece to go with that kurta in your closet. I know you won’t regret it.

I love Emma Brewin’s work because of the philosophy behind the brand. Never mind that these pieces are individually designed and made by her, but the fact that I can look stylish and graceful without animal-cruelty is a winner in my book.



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