Pakistani Ready-To-Wear/”Pret” Brands To Wear



*This post has been updated in January 2019. Please note like many Pakistani brands, the following brands have no online presence & requires you to travel to the Indian Sub-continent aka Pakistan. 

For those of us who come to Pakistan for a few (if not a couple) of weeks love the conveniences of readily available clothes aka known as ready-to-wear. Due to time restraints and freedoms in the budget, it makes sense to shop retail than in markets or bazaars. Thankfully, in the last decade or so Pakistan has come a long way since Khaadi.

Why I Prefer These Brands Over Unstitched Brands?

Besides the aforementioned reasons mentioned above, there are other aspects of ready to wear I enjoy. One of the first of things about ready to wear is the idea that it allows creativity. While some love the flexibility of a 3 or 2 piece lawn suit, I love the aspect of mixing and matching different ready to wear pieces. Think about it. Isn’t it great to wear the same kurta with black pants on a Monday and with a white tulip shalwar on a Tuesday? While a lawn suit intuitively limits you on how you style your entire look, pret expands your options.

Besides this personal secret of mine, I know many people prefer the convenience of a quick shopping trip instead of a 2-hour stint at a poorly lit, stuffy, and crowded bazaar. Many of the ready to wear brands are available online. And the best part for people like me: You don’t have to haggle anymore. You would be surprised to learn from my experience but even in markets, and bazaars, it is difficult to haggle down a price anymore. During my many 2015 shopping experiences, my aunt had the toughest time haggling down prices for my mom & I. The shopkeepers don’t budge.

A common conception about Ready-to-wear is that the stitching is questionable. But, that’s not true. I will say that the wash & wear aspect of Ready-to-Wear differs from one brand to another & the fabrics they use in their designs.

My Personal Favorite Ready To Wear Brands

You guys have probably heard of Khaadi. It is a great and pricey option for those who don’t want to spend money on just one Pret or Ready-to-Wear brand.

I have NOT shopped at J. aka Junaid Jamshed. To me, the brand represents a conservative lifestyle & a lot similar to lawn suits but, some people love it because it offers comfortable silhouettes. Appropriate for older women in my eyes, the collections mostly have long tunics with dupattas instead of trendy silhouettes. Similar to Khaadi, the quality of the stitching & fabric is superb.

Nishat Linen has probably the best fabric quality I have seen in Karachi. The material of their unstitched fabric is superbly soft as well.

Chinyere and The Koel Shop are new discoveries of mine. Probably having a more ethnic appearance than the ones mentioned above, they offer a pretty variety of tunics perfectly appropriate for jeans or pants.

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