Romancing ZAHA Drop One RTW With Belt Bags


Hi and a happy Thursday to you! Last month was all about Halloween and children. I ended October with going to Starbucks on Castro Street aka Downtown Mountain View (See HERE) and trying their very “Witch’s Brew” from their festive Halloween menu.  I ordered the sweet Frappuccino without the whipped cream and loved the orange and cream taste, which was difficult to imagine given the drink’s Little Pony purple color. They also added chia seeds, which was a feast for the eyes, the taste buds, and of course were a great healthy addition to the sugary drink.

This month I hope to dedicate to the upcoming holiday season. Yesterday, I checked out Santana Row (See HERE) in San Jose, California also. The quaint block reminds me of Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles and is lined with designer shops and upscale restaurants. I had lunch at Straits (See HERE), which changed its menu a few years ago and now serves Singaporean and Southeast Asian food. This place is great for the pre-holiday and holiday family fun so bookmark their website to keep up with the events held there.

I wanted to cleanse my readers’ palette from all the Halloween sweetness and start the season with something fresh and “spicy” – Pakistani fusion fashion! I am loving ZAHA as a brand these days and the creative director is Khadija Shah (See HERE) so you can expect a total Lahori fusion style (See HERE). Like Lahori fashion, the design ethos is carefree with a hint of Karachi feminism. I wanted to do something fun with ZAHA’s second collection in 2018. Since belts and belt bags have been such a hit this season, I thought I’d fuse them together to create a romance of patterns, which seems to be a characteristic of this decade. So here goes:

ZAHA Drop 1 RTW & Belt Bags

  • My favorite tunic from ZAHA’s sophomore collection is the Zanzibar (See HERE). This brightly-hued tunic can be paired with white or black pants. The MCM Medium Stark Belt Bag (See HERE) will bring out the warm brown hue in the tunic.


  • Those even more daring in my opinion should check out Miniaturist (See HERE), which is inspired by Mughal’s miniature artwork. The tunic will look great with black leggings. Gucci’s Marmont 2.0 Matelasse Leather Belt Bag in Hibiscus Red (See HERE) is a perfect end to your outfit’s story.


  • The Nocturnal Bloom (See HERE) is perfect for ladies wanting floral and fauna without all the fussy colors. Since this tunic is so dark-hued, it will look great with anything from tulip pants to gharara pants given how festive you want to look. You can accessorize it with Treasure & Bond Mason Pebbled Leather Belt Bag (See HERE), which can be worn over the shoulder and around the waist.


  • The trendy girl would love The Mariner (See HERE) with its fun under-the-sea print & traditional tassels. You can pair this kurta with a tulip shalwar or plain black gharara bottoms. The Gucci Ophidia Supreme Canvas Belt Bag (See HERE) serves as a nice contrast to the dark tunic.  Do1HFl0XkAAWM8_

So ladies, I hope you all had fun reading today’s post and try the belt bag trend with tunics or kurtas you own currently. You can also follow the links to ZAHA’s website (See HERE) and purchase a tunic or kurta of your choice. Enjoy!!