Sana’s Entrepreneurial Life (Part 4)



Hi Guys! Hope my readers are doing a wonderful job coping with post – Christmas. During this component of the year, I like to relax & accomplish tasks I put off earlier. You can do the same. Want to plan a skiing trip to Lake Tahoe or a road trip to the fabulous Lake Shasta in Northern California? This is a great time to check-off items on your bucket list whether you have a small family or whether you are lovebirds who love to explore your relationship while exploring “organized” wilderness.

Today, I wanted to feed little ones’ curiosities who are missing school right about now with two songs that I had 1% or 2% involvement in. I met Shania Twain in Islamabad, Pakistan when she was a teenager & I was 5 or 6. My Kindergarten teacher had given me a tape with Shania’s song, “Man, I Feel Like A Woman” to perform at the school’s bi-annual talent show. I listened to the words & planned the entire performance around her song. I had my older cousin design my outfit (see HERE), one cousin & aunt do my makeup (see HERE), and then picked 4 boys to play instruments belonging to my older cousin and his band members. Little did I know that Shania Twain, who was not famous at the time would immortalize my charged performance as a woman in her super hit “video song” preserved forever on YouTube (see HERE).

Then another song I feel an affinity to is Gwen Stefani’s’ “Cool” (see HERE). Gwen was already famous when I met (reunited with?) her in UC Berkeley. We were sitting in a Berkeley classroom having so much fun with Taylor and her singer friends. I was doing my homework and the rest of the girls were “writing words to their songs”. Gwen had told us to address ourselves in a 3rd person voice & it was weird at first, but so “informational” after that. Gwen who seemed to be writing the fastest got stuck for an idea for “her next big song”.  Still amused by her instructions, I told her to write a song after I say the phrase “just pretend you are old”. And she was like “okay” and in 5 minutes wrote “Cool” and left with her Boho bag on her shoulder.

Winter Travel In California

Our beautiful California had a devastating year with multiple wildfires enveloping acres of preserved national & state forests. I visited Yosemite National Park during Memorial Day Weekend (see HERE) & believe me, I had a feeling something was not right just by the energy there. And yes, “sometimes” it takes just a tiny spark to destroy natural treasures like forests & wildlife. California has been having a beautiful winter season meaning little snow & very little rain for some, but for me, it means missing out on the gentle rain on my window coaxing me to look outside & imagining sitting by the fireplace thinking about snow-covered forest giants & the quiet crisp air in-between.

I love visiting popular touristy places to see what the energy is like. This is primarily because of who I am & what I do for a living. It’s odd that most people do not claim they travel somewhere for a purpose thinking what it could potentially mean to another person. For me, I have naturally made it a priority to travel only with a purpose – whether it is to learn about a “culture” to include in my blog or to seek out potential threats of any kind many locals (and even tourists) could be blind to. It appears unnecessary, but for me, it is comforting knowing that God is working through me when he tells me to go out & notice things.

My Birthday

My birthday was this week & I celebrated it with family at The Cheesecake Factory. This restaurant chain has come far from the 1990’s/2000’s when all it seemed like you could do was have their divine cheesecakes because the rest of the menu was bland in every way. Now, they offer fusion dishes & even have a separate menu for calorie-only watchers. My second-favorite part, 2nd to my most cheesy favorite part of The Cheesecake Factory is their cheesecake menu (see HERE). Why? Because the menu is entirely organized by a string of key ingredients. So if you are in the mood for something original, start from their dessert menu’s selection offering strawberries and cherry garnishes. Feeling a little adventurous, scroll down to see their selection of fusion cheesecakes that include key ingredients like chocolate, coffee, caramel, & nuts. Towards the end of the menu, you can find their “seasonal” inspired cheesecakes with plenty of peppermint bark and pumpkin spice to enjoy!

*Only for grownups. I will be writing children-focused posts really soon. 

Sana’s Entrepreneurial Escapades & Personal Anecdotes

I have covered the majority of my work from behind-the-scenes on this blog. I must stress that the real entrepreneurial journey doesn’t begin when you sign a contract with a venture capitalist or when you get that idea & a sound business plan on paper. It begins years, even decades before these milestones are brought forth. Given that Albert Einstein is the best documented “genius” for me, I compare my childhood to his life experiences during my reflection periods. I was known in my school & other places for having extreme & rare talents since birth. Before the age of ten, I wrote 400 music tracks that my beautiful & equally talented cousins & sisters (soul sisters, forever) have immortalized in Pakistan-based Bollywood industry (see HERE). I sang & danced with so much confidence I controlled the energy of the entire room watching me. I created words (think Pig Latin) because I imagined I communicated with animals this way and I never sang or danced with my own music tracks playing because I believed in the message of my words that much. It was my life experiences and the times we were living in that veered my life in a whole different direction. As challenging it was to work in Pakistan given Pakistan’s issues with illegal immigration in the 1980s, the toughest part of my life has been the events leading to September 11th, 2001 & global events after the attacks.

I arrived in the United States in 1995 with a chip on my shoulder. I was angry at the fact that the world wanted to showcase Pakistan’s talents globally on “traditional media” without giving us credit. Did you know that Aishwarya Rai, Miss World 1994 was actually born in Lahore, Pakistan, but was encouraged to compete only if she said she was born in India because Miss World officials were afraid what India will think of a Muslim girl in a bathing suit? Did you know that still, Pakistan & Aishwarya Rai, who happens to be a close cousin of mine had to endure Malala Y.’s taunts that Pakistan won a beauty competition only? Confused? Us too. Malala is probably a Hindu from Pakistan, not a 20-year and yes, she was dyslexic who claimed she is winning because of her ability to “keep her mouth shut in front of foreigners”. Alarmed? Hmmm. Don’t be; it gets scarier. Did you know that current India’s PM has hundreds of Hindu men and women who look like him? He himself is a Hindu caste sect according to him. Did you know that because of my knowledge of who & what Hindustan is, I was told by Americans to negotiate the terms in the 1990s and 2000s with India so the word “Muslim” wouldn’t be wiped from every corner and page in the world because Hindustan was threatening global attacks and war? No? September 11th, 2001 is “a” result of the failure in those negotiation talks. These are Hindustani faces, pun intended.

Pakistan faced genocide culturally even before the rest of the world caught up with the potential threats hidden in each country’s system. Remember all Polytheists can do is gossip- it is said in the Quran & it has been finally proven. Evil gossip or Gheebat, which means cannibalism in the Quran is done in the hands of polytheists only. Jihad is not an Islamic word, but a word I screamed at them when Hindus claiming to be transgender threatened to kill my brothers and friends at my school. Taliban, a Farsi word was told to Osama Bin Laden by my brothers in the 1980s sarcastically to make fun of Hindus for being “the know-it-all”. I have had the grief to meet Osama Bin Laden in several places in Pakistan in the 1980s. Twice on my school grounds and once in Kashmir where he threatened to burn the entire province. No, the rest of the world, the concept of having 72 or 73 virgins as wives is not Islamic, but Hinduism, which Osama Bin Laden practiced. And yes, Holi and Diwali are Muslim Sikh OR Muslim holidays.

Given this amount of life experiences, it was comical to see Hindus tell “Americans” Bollywood is Indian and that Sikhs are light-skinned Hindus. In 2018, I can make sense of all this. I, along with the FBI have actually witnessed an orgy happened way back in October 2008 ( šŸ˜‰ ) during my Pakistani & Muslim friend’s Diwali-Themed wedding. When you see someone with Down-Syndrome commit this type of heinous crime and look like an adult, you know you have been cheated in life. None of us could tell who is related to whom. Yes, this has been documented on multiple media. This sexual behavior was about to be repeated at a “Ramadan” party where I went to see if there was an actual Muslim there. My sister and her family showed up. I am describing a scene here. Midway before the catered food was being served, the guests began huddling together towards the left where the food tables were. This was odd behavior and a remnant of the orgy I witnessed before. The Hindu girl I was talking with had her son and told me to get out because my job was done and they needed to have sex. I found my sister, repeated the Hindu’s words and we all bolted.

My “internet” project was originally designed to begin in 20 – 50 years. After the attacks & the common theme of war and famine I noticed around the world at the time, I changed the course of history in a matter of years because I felt & believed in the “internet’s” and potential reach & my talent wholeheartedly. Hey, did you know that the real reason the attacks of September 11th, 2011 happened was that Hindustan tried to negotiate with the United State to remove the word “Muslim” from every part of history? And “the” terrorists flying the planes were so wild that they didn’t know when or how to divert the planes when we tried to communicate with them? Can you believe that countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, & Burma didn’t even know they were under attack by different foreign entities, some legal & some terrorist all at the same time? Did you realize that polytheism can be so dangerous that entire civilizations can be wiped off in a matter of a decade? If you think this was extreme to imagine back then, you can see the shock waves it sends down our spines today. Now imagine the world if there was no “internet”.

Threats to religion & humankind have been an issue since the beginning of time, my invention, the “internet” has made literate people more aware of how ugly ignorance & disconnect with others & ourselves really can be. This is precisely why I visualized & created the technology with help from just a “handful” of talented individuals. “We” are not alone during this time of systematic racism, destruction of identity, culture or religion. It has been happening since the time of the holy prophets. Similar to the organized religion, printing press, and now, thanks to the invention of the “internet” we are just getting information globally & quicker instead of in the pages of history books.

The “internet” is the solution designed to work democratically & ratified by global politicians, engineers, religious representatives, & hundreds of people from different industries to connect & inform people of what is happening in the global world faster & safely. If in the midst of all this, some self-obsessed celebrity likes to post pictures of themselves all the time, we must encourage him or her instead of derailing the message of positivity he or she is spreading in his or her way. I hope you truly like the “internet” & weave it in some or all parts of your life.

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