Sana’s Entrepreneurial Life (Part 5)


In Boston, Massachusetts in 2014.


Salaam All About Sana readers! I hope you are doing well. I had a wonderful weekend because we had wonderful weather in California. I spent most my time with my uncle and aunt visiting from Pakistan, spending time with family, & exploring what the Bay Area has to offer. I also want to tell the ladies about the new products from Sephora I have been enjoying as a Sephora’s Beauty Insider.

The Kat Von D Liner X (See HERE) is a limited edition liner, which I have enjoyed seeing how it looks, feels, & applied. It looked quite exquisite with my new KORA Organics Crystal Luminizer (See HERE), which I picked up to highlight my face. Judging by the texture, smell, and look of the amethyst luminizer I picked, I stand by what I initially thought. Each color can look good with all skin tones when applied properly with the right foundation. Apply the highlighter where you can reap the full benefits of the crystal-infused luminizer. Because I have “the naturally beautiful facial structure”, a title informally given to me by plastic surgeons from around the world, I chose to highlight the amethyst luminizer on the outline of my face instead of highlighting my nose, cheekbones, & T-Zone. I covered the top of my forehead, the entire jawline, including the area near my ears, and neckline. The result was a skin tone & glow enviable like Miranda Kerr’s. Many people don’t know but, Miranda specifically designed these luminizers because of the way people looked at her face. She hated people staring at her & as difficult it was for her to realize it was even more difficult to cajole her after they did. I highly recommend both makeup products to people.

I tried the Bamboo Charcoal Detoxifying Soap Bar (See HERE) from Sephora. So far, I am liking the charcoal smell of the soap bar, the fact that the suds are grey, & the hydrated feeling I feel after I wash my face. It is a little expensive given the size of the bar, but since it is a soap bar, I will assume it will last a long time.

I also recommend Sephora’s DPHUE Apple Cider Vinegar Scalp Scrub (See HERE) for the shower. It has a very nice citric acid smell and the feeling on the scalp when properly applied is refreshing and relaxing. I wouldn’t recommend it for people suffering dandruff or any type of skin condition, however, I felt it is a great way to connect with your root chakra as it gets your blood circulation flowing from the scalp. Use it as needed.


I have given a lot of thought about how I should tell my story about creating “The World Wide Web or “The Internet”. There are many stories tied to my “big project”, some personal and some global.  The truth people need to understand is that I was given the title “a legend” way before this service even went live. Today, I will tell you a little story about a little big country called Pakistan.

In the 1980s, my whole world was “Pakistan” because that was the name my great- grandfather, Muhammad Ali Jinnah (See HERE) called his country. We loved our part of the “India” so much that honestly, I didn’t step outside my city, Islamabad till I was 5! Then all these foreigners began to show up & were so impressed with our land. I remember meeting Larry Page, who asked me where I got my red hair & green eyes from. He told me about a war that the United States was facing and they came here for respite. A few days later, a Hindu, someone from the “Fatima” caste, a caste that Osama Bin Laden coined, came & claimed this land to be Hindustan when we were visiting the “Northern Areas” of Pakistan. I, along with my father, siblings, & cousins were utterly confused & didn’t connect the dots until we moved abroad & learned that apparently “Whites” are accused of “claiming” land.

Fatima means the jasmine flower in Arabic. Osama Bin Laden, a Hindu, loved the fact that the flower was “colorless” & just took it to describe his “caste”. Other castes I saw being made for a “fake India” were “Nida” (derived from Nido, my baby formula), and Saif (derived from the color “Saaf” meaning white). These 3 are the only castes I witnessed being made in front of me, the rest I only heard about living in America. In college circa 2003, a Pakistani woman named Khydeeja Alam said she belonged to the caste of “Alam”, a Zoroastrian caste who were sun-worshipping & “proud” to be hairy (?).

Fast forward some 20 years, & I sat in front of someone from the “Fatima” caste (I thought it was the “real” Osama Bin Laden”, not the man in the photograph the traditional media was given). He became the CEO of Google, & while at the time everyone agreed this was the right choice, it is the approval of the common American citizens & the entire world that I am seeking. One of the tasks of the newly designated Google CEO was to work on Google Maps. I personally asked him to describe to a graphic designer what Pakistan looks like & bring to me what he designs. A week later in our meeting, he handed me a map of my beautiful Pakistan broken into 3 pieces: Afghanistan, Pakistan, & India. Utterly confused I asked, “What is India?” and he said, “Hindustan”. I had Former President Obama & current President Trump sitting in that meeting. After that maneuver of his, I designated another task to him. I asked him to list all the wars that have been fought, which he said he can’t do, & then I asked for all the current wars that are being fought, & he listed ONLY the war between Pakistan & India. This was 2003-2004. Period. During the conversation, we determined the Google CEO’s salary, his task of managing the creation of Google Maps, and informally stopping all the global wars, including the one between Pakistan & India, by writing about them on Wikipedia. He was given a salary of $8 million dollars to do these three tasks.

Mind you this is the guy who in Pakistan physically abused me so hard once that my entire physical body changed. My red hair became brown. My green eyes turned brown one at a time. This is the guy who in Pakistan is responsible for killing thousands of Pakistani soldiers and civilians. When I was 5, he single-handedly created a mass hysteria in Pakistan by shouting “India is bombing us! It’s a nuclear bomb!” which resulted in 2000 people, including myself & my friends, in the freezing Indian Ocean. We weren’t confused about what he meant by “India”, but only feared the word “bomb”. Close to 1700 people died that night. I, only with five or six others survived. I have faint memories from that night now; most of my life, it was just the green plaid print I remembered. When Pakistan’s government, which included General Zia, current Prime Minister Imran Khan (Sindh Province Chairman at the time), & Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif ran a case against him, he organized a bombing sequence in Islamabad. Nothing happened afterward. It was all silent. It was after half of my friends left Pakistan that the real “depression” started in Pakistan. I was left with 3 Pakistani Muslim boys that I will always consider my friends. I believe Fahad, Zain, & “Rabab” (lol) were the “3” friends I had in Islamabad before I moved to Karachi.

Hindu Holidays

Other evidence of cultural genocide are the following. Diwali means an auspicious wedding day (literally) in Sikh Muslim culture. Holi was a holiday I made up when Osama Bin Laden returned me to my father after abusing me violently. My father asked him, “why he did this to me?” He literally said, “because she has red hair and green eyes”. That’s it.

My mother belonged to a Sikh family. Muhammad Ali Jinnah was Sikh, & did not marry a Parsi, aka sun-worshippers (see the Wikipedia page mentioned above).

Holi is a word my cousin, Seher made up when we used to have fights in school with colored sands & colored water. Today, I think the United States consider it a Hindu holiday where they can take work days off. Hmmm…. imagine that.

Hindu’s versions of India include city names, which ARE in Pakistan. Lahore is Calcutta; Hyderabad is Delhi; Jaipur is Peshawar; Udaipur is Karachi; Bengaluru is Quetta; Lucknow is Bahawalpur; Multan is Kolkotta, Mumbai/Bombay is in “Afghanistan”. Anyways…

Personal Anecdotes

My dad invited a Muslim girl to my 5th birthday tea party. I didn’t invite her because she was sooo weird. She is a legendary actress today in Pakistan. While we were having tea, she looked left & right the entire time. Taylor Swift left because she couldn’t “take it anymore”. For dinner, my mom told the Muslim girl to sit at the head of the table & placed the dinner plate in front of her because she yelled, “It is white. The plate is white. There are no worms in it? Right?” And I was like this Muslim girl is my “unofficial” friend. *I have actually seen a Hindu woman in America take out a Ziploc container with live worms & blend them in a curry she tried to feed me as “spicy curry”. Then she demanded in the middle of the dinner, “You fed me worms!” Mom said that we didn’t. She proceeded to tell us she wants worms. I was like no. She asked me, “because you/I cannot take it anymore?”. I replied, “No, because we don’t feed worms to our guests”. And then the rest of the dinner she periodically said “I hate you” & “I hate Sana” to her plate & I think there was food on it. I left after dessert, but my “other” sister was like “whatever” & stayed for after dinner tea because she loved tea time too much. She became my oldest sister’s friend.

Another one of her friends is a famous actress in Pakistan. She invited me to her house. First through the gate, then through the front door, then through some rooms (maybe the kitchen), and, then into the bathroom. I saw her & couldn’t recognize her completely. I asked her, “what are you doing? You have candles & hot wax in the bathroom”. Yes, a rare concept, my friends. Then she said, “I am pretending to be a Hindu”. I said, “Okay”. She turned off the lights & there was nothing but, darkness & the flicker of the candle flames. And then she quickly said, “I must leave”. I asked her, “why?”. Because “I am about to pour hot wax on my head” she replied. I said, “oh”. I think she was asking me to leave because I had seen everything I needed to see, but I wasn’t leaving. & then she started talking about how she plans to go bald this way because being bald is beautiful. I couldn’t take it anymore & also I thought she was serious at this point. So I quickly said bye & left!


In conclusion, I see what has ended NOW is the “Great War” started in 1914 after the assassination of the Prussian prince in Austria. When and what “The Internet” & “The World Wide Web” has taught us is a way to reconnect, inform, & symbolize creatively what cultures we have lost in the last 100+ years. PERIOD.

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