Sana’s Entrepreneurial Life (Part 6): Cloud Components


Good morning All About Sana readers! Hope you are doing well and enjoyed yesterday’s post on Susi ka kapra. After I was done with the post and the chores for the day, I made my way to AMC Mercado to watch The Wandering Earth, which has some of my very old and precious friends star in it.

The Wandering Earth

Some moviegoers will probably opt out of watching a movie in the Chinese language but, I couldn’t recommend it enough to cinema fans. The Wandering Earth is a satirical representation of events I witnessed and experienced in China sometime between 1982 and 1988. I am quite aware of the fact that I have been brutally tortured because of the religion I practice in the United States, the lineage I boastfully am proud of, and because of the beauty I had as a child. While I have moved on and grown up many have not.

My grandfather was the General of Pakistan and so was my father. I come from the proud lineage of Mughals who had the gorgeous lineage of their own. We were royals of the Indian Subcontinent and there was much peace. As I grew into a toddler and the fame of my beauty, intelligence in communication aka wit, and visions became famous I was approached by Chinese friends of my father’s requesting they would like to take me to China to work on a “communication project”. My father agreed and I with my security and the Chinese drove to China to work on this “communication project”. What I saw there was utter destruction not anticipated by anyone in the group. “It” has expanded to here I remember the Chinese saying to my security. Think World War level war conditions. We tried going back to Pakistan when we were literally attacked by lepers. Thankfully, we were inside the vehicle. I made the decision that we must go forward. I commanded my security to leave to notify the government of Pakistan and me along with my father’s Chinese friends moved further inside the China border.

I spent a few days in China and learned that lepers that Pakistani’s have named “Hindus” and Americans have named “Mormons” had taken over the Chinese markets and were using satellites provided by NASA in 1975 to manipulate information. Hailing from a political family, I knew the Chinese were helpless and hopeless and I needed to coordinate something. Time was of the essence. So I planned a coordinated attack…on China. Around 7:47 am, with 1 phone call, the entire China exploded its nuclear facilities provided and paid for by Africans. The destruction was so epic that the satellites circling above the Earth contacted us, panicked. I told them 2 things: We exploded these nuclear facilities & China is part of The Great Big War. The rest we left to fate. Americans, please note that China was called Vietnam before The Great Big War reached the region.

After that, I went back to Pakistan and due to my involvement in this “communication project” I, along with my family and Pakistani friends was kidnapped and tortured for 2.5 months by Osama Bin Laden and his “wives” or concubines. The traditional media, which I am sorry, is run by lepers even today, announced falsely my grandfather and father are dead and hailed a war on Pakistan. That is when American soldiers also came to fight inside Pakistan. Lessons learned from this? Traditional media is run by lepers only and don’t believe anything they say about immigration, healthcare, or money. They have caused us trillions of dollars and lives because their lifestyle allows polygamy and incest.

Cloud Components

Many ask me what are the components of the Internet aka The World Wide Web. So I have decided to tell you how simple The World Wide Web really is:

  • Big Search Engines
  • Personal Search Engines (Maps, Personal Photos, Documents, Phone Calls, Emails)
  • Video streaming services
  • Applications that companies like Apple and Tesla run

More Highlights Of Traditional Media’s Ignorance

  • Hindus in Pakistan walked around naked at first, which I called “exotic” but found highly offensive. 
  • Hindus in Pakistan love anything to do with medicine, including unnecessary cosmetic surgery. Apparently Mormons do not. Who is lying here? Figure that yourself.
  • Wearing a hijab is a Hindu dress component. Hindu women in Pakistan actually have poured scalding wax over their heads to make themselves bald. Then they went in for cosmetic surgery and covered their heads in a hijab to protect their heads from the sun or Allah (or was it Gods I don’t know.) 
  • Because of the treatment endured by Hindus they used Pakistani passports that the Pakistani government issued to prevent Hindu overpopulation in Pakistan to travel to the United States as visitors and demand asylum here. We are still dealing with this illegal immigration in the United States.