Sana’s Opinion On 2018 Oscar Red Carpet Looks


Hi Guys and a happy Tuesday to you!! Hope you guys have recovered from the crazy weekend and are working hard. I had to take a break after the glamorous Oscar ceremony on Sunday. Like the rest of the world, I turned on E! News in the morning and watched shows leading up to the actual 90th Oscar ceremony. And like each year after the ceremony, I made a promise that I will watch more movies in a theater; but since for the past 10 years or so I can’t seem to get myself to one, it is safe to say, I will keep focusing my attention on other forms of entertainment. But you never know.

There were some nominated movies that have my interest, which I jotted down and will probably watch. Movie titles such as the “Darkest Hour”, “Lady Bird”, “The Post”, “Murder on the Orient Express” and “Black Panther” (the last two weren’t nominated for the 2018 Oscars, but they look cool) caught my eye and I feel I could really learn something about the movie genre in general by watching them.

I love how at this ceremony women chose not to alienate men like they did at the Golden Globes ceremony in January. You can read my opinion on that event HERE.  Some called that solidarity movement powerful, I thought it was overwhelming. Unlike the atmosphere at the Golden Globe’s red carpet created by the all-black attire, the atmosphere at the Oscars was respectful, lively, and playful. And the Academy honored women for the work they produced in movies this year AND highlighted issues in the industry, which is the point of the whole “Times Up” movement anyway.

During the 2018 Oscar ceremony, references to women’s achievements were peppered throughout the ceremony presentations. There was even one time when all the women nominees were asked to stand up. I do wish there were even more women nominated in different categories, but the progress was made prominent. All actresses wore beautiful gowns, the atmosphere was light-hearted, and women were given their due recognition (did you know a woman was nominated in cinematography category for the first time?). Overall, I was deeply moved and entertained.


So comes the fun part–the fashion! I don’t know if you guys noticed this year, but 2018 Oscars red carpet was all about creative, innovative, and sophisticated silhouettes. I can say this with confidence that the structuring and tailoring of the gowns this year were unlike anything sort of exceptional. I know previous award shows were missing that. Some of the best-tailored outfits I saw were Nicole Kidman’s paneled gown with a large bow, Emma Watson in a pantsuit (how cute was that!), Jennifer Lawrence with those ultra-thin straps (a nice departure from her strapless gown legacy), and Saoirse Ronan and Danai Gurira with their “column-like” silhouettes. While some gowns pushed the envelope and some were pretty, most of the gowns were sleek, body-hugging (and body-lovin!) and very detail-oriented (yay for stylists!). There were a few stars who channeled their inner princesses (hey, nothing wrong with that!), but I think structured gowns are a nice departure from those fussy and sometimes downright frightful award show misses from the past.

Color Scheme & Embellishments

Another refreshing aspect was in the color scheme. Instead of pastel or light-hued colors, stars choose bold, statement-making colors like red, white, electric blue, and metallic. There were a few pretty pastels such as lavenders, nudes, which was lovely, but in my opinion a little safe.

Some actresses made a statement with embellishments. There were fringes, feathers, and sequins and you can never have too many of those on the red carpet unless, it is all on one dress (unless you are into that sort of thing 🙂 ).


There WAS something missing this year and I think it was done on purpose–jewels! This is the time when the rest of the world looks at dripping diamonds, emeralds, and rubies worth millions of dollars and sigh and swoon. Award shows like the Oscars are opportunities to wear those ultra-expensive statement, one-of-a-kind jewels Hollywood is so famous for. Although actresses like Nicole Kidman, Mary J. Blige, and Zendaya wore beautiful diamonds earrings, only actresses like Helen Mirren, Ashley Judd, Lindsay Vonn, and Selma Hayek went totally ornamental with their jewelry and ladies, and gentlemen, they were beautiful! You can read more about the jewels at the Oscars HERE.

I liked how some stars also choose to carry smart clutches with their gowns. Clutches are an integral part of the gown (and the whole look!). Not only are they practical for carrying essentials for touch-ups, but they are also a nice finishing touch to the gown. I am seeing more and more stars carrying clutches at award shows. And honestly, why not? Clutches can enhance or contrast (and for those actresses with butterflies, a stress ball–just kidding!) your overall outfit.

So guys, here is what I thought about the fashion at Oscars 2018. Sadly the award season has come to an end. Now we have spring to look forward to. Those women who are shopping for weddings or proms this year, I hope you learned something from today’s post. Know, you do not need to shell out money for a stylist because there are a lot of lovely influencers/bloggers online who can give you plenty of tips about current trends. Just research. Happy Shopping!!


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