Sana’s Recommendation On Teas You Can Have W/O Mylks (& sweeteners)


French Tea Time


Hi Guys & a happy Monday to you! Hope you enjoyed your weekend just as much as I did. It rained most of the time, but, it was beautiful & happy. In the religion of Islam, rain is one of the blessings, separate from nature & wildlife as a whole. That’s why special attention must be paid to it. The month of Ramadan during monsoon seasons is considered especially auspicious, and the Indian Subcontinent’s week-long festival of “Basant”, which commemorates the end of the monsoon was celebrated around the country until recently.

During my childhood, since I couldn’t observe or celebrate either event, my father would take me to traveling fairs who would come to town for 2- weeks filled with animals, vertical carousels, candy floss, gola ganda (colored shaved ice), Sindhi & Balochi (Mughlai), Pathan or Afghani (English), & Punjabi (French) puppet shows, monkey & goat shows, balloon shooting stands with Afghani rifles, plus democratic Pakistan’s Mughlai food served Shahi & Nawabi style aka street-style. Since the Indian-Subcontinent is famous for its monsoon seasons all year long, these caravans travel to different parts of the entire country to serve children.

The Legion Of Honor Museum

On Saturday, I went to Legion of Honor again (see HERE) to attend some special events relating to their current exhibition “East Meets West: Jewels of the Maharajas from The Al Thani Collection”. These jewels from the Al-Thani collection (a name my maternal grandfather gave me) were sent to my husband’s family as a gift upon the occasion of my wedding. My grandfather, the oldest living patriarch of my royal French – Mughal family reserved this collection for me since I wanted to be put up the family jewels up in a museum. I have an English royal sister, who was sent historic photographs of our royal Mughal ancestors. My royal cousins with English, French, & Mughal blood & other royal sisters with similar bloodlines were sent heritage fabrics, textiles, & heritage stitched clothes belonging to Mughal ancestors common to us. My brothers & male cousins are patrons of different art & architectural sites associated with the Mughal Empire. They have chosen to commemorate their heritage & ancestry in their own way. It is a huge honor to own these pieces of Mughal heritage & I wanted my collection of hertiage jewelry to serve learning purposes.


Asian Tea Time

Another delight at The Legion of Honor Museum was to reunite with Amin Jaffer, a cousin of my grandparents & her son, a distant cousin of mine, who also lived in the United States for some time. The exhibition is in the last stages of its appearance so make sure you visit. You can avoid the crowds by visiting on a weekday.

23 And Me

While clearing & sorting my life essentially, I also managed to create a royal Mughal family tree, which grows & changes. The Saturday visit to The Legion of Honor served another benefit because I found several new names to add to my royal Mughal family tree. I am so excited to receive the results of 23 and Me (see HERE) & check-off & add to what I know already. It is truly a wonder to recreate your ancestry in modern times such as these just as wonderous it is like to create a lineage or family traditions.

Sana’s Recommendation On Teas

I make a huge deal about tea. While my Nawabi parents are big on doodh pati (tea cooked in milk & sugar) or cooked tea mixed with milk & sugar, the Shahi in me loves to take on any play of teas. During what some may perceive as experiments, I have gained tons of knowledge on teas, their colors, and their benefits aka color therapy. I do try to mostly use mylks (vegan or vegetarian kinds of milk) and white sugar substitutes like honey, brown sugar, and even maple syrup.


Middle Eastern Tea Time

It is my knowledge that most Homo Sapiens have issues in their lower three chakras. Thanks to many & many religious texts, relics, & institutions left by our prophets, our top four chakras require only regular tune-ups. Thus, one way you can help your lower chakras to work properly is to have chakra-colored teas or made with an intention chakra teas.

I usually reach for red-hued teas like Hibiscus, Acai, Pomegranate, Raspberry or any of their blends when I feel like my root chakra needs help. Some of the symptoms I may feel are exhaustion, unusual heating, & constant need to burn calories aka work. However, when I drink red-hued teas, I usually get the satisfaction that I am taking care of my health. Organic red-hued teas have protective anti-oxidants unlike many teas available on the market. 

For my sacral chakra, I reach for Peach Passion, Orange, Apple Cinnamon or any of their blends. These teas are orange & great for those days when you need to feel a little TLC & joy. Organic orange-hued teas have herbal minerals wonderful to induce energy of every kind. 


African Tea Time

For my solar plexus chakra to boost energy & metabolism, I drink plenty of yellow-hued teas like Chamomile, Lavender, Licorice or any of their blends. These teas give me energy, stability, thus confidence throughout the day. Organic yellow-hued teas probably do the most complicated work. Similar to turmeric, they constantly heal & protect the engine of your body – your digestive system. 

For those days when I feel a little sick, I go for white or green teas, which aim to heal the upper chakra system. Do subscribe to “Meditative Mind” channel on Youtube. It is a wonderful ASMR or sound therapy to listen to while drinking healing teas.


English Tea Time

For other health questions, take a peek into the online portal of SHAPE (see HERE) magazine. Interesting, yes.

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