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Hi Guys! Hope you are doing well today because I have a really, really fun post planned for you. October 31st is less than a week away and that can only mean plenty of anticipation for spooky Halloween fun. It is such a joy to see orange pumpkin displays scattered throughout my neighborhood, malls, and even in urban cities like San Francisco. Speaking of San Francisco, I visited SFMOMA (See HERE) on Tuesday and enjoyed it a lot. After my trip to the original MoMA in New York (Read HERE), I had to check out MoMA in San Francisco. While searching their exhibitions (See HERE), I learned that the works of Rene Magritte were on display temporarily. Having studied him and his work in school, I naturally had to make the trip to San Francisco and see the exhibition for myself before it shut down. It was a phenomenal experience to see each painting explore a creative side and an imaginative side whether I allowed myself to like it or not. Highly recommending seeing his work in person, if you get a chance.

Fears And Phobias

While planning my Halloween posts, I had to dedicate at least one post on horror/scary movies. This genre makes you realize your worst fears and nightmares whether you appreciate the lesson or not. We carry phobias and fears deep within ourselves because they are part of natural human evolution. Thousands of years ago, this instinct protected our early human ancestors from danger and although they can appear like phobias (baseless fears) in today’s world, these instincts protect us from bad people and situations.

I have been a brave person throughout my life. I’d like to say that I taught myself what to fear and what not to fear because from a young age I questioned why carry them on because of succumbing to an innate human nature. I have conquered my fear of drowning, driving, and the dark, but still not outgrown my fears of small spaces and spiders. And that’s okay for me.

As a former teacher, I had my share of supportive parents and coworkers. From parents of three children to coworkers with newborns, everyone shared a mostly positive opinion of a young teacher. I had parents come to me for advice with utmost sincerity and a coworker send me an anonymous email slanting at the fact that I shouldn’t be giving child-rearing advice since I have no children. She was so serious that I can picture her squirming if I wrote a fun post on having a “Sugar-free” Halloween because I don’t have kids. But I don’t work that hard to meet standards of people, whatever they may be. So instead I am writing a post on my favorite (there are only a few) horror movies to stream on Netflix or Amazon.

The Scary Movie List

(Spoilers alert!) 

-The Sixth Sense (See HERE)- This is the ONLY horror/suspense movie I saw in a movie theater. While there are a few hair-raising scenes, the movie is mostly about a boy who is realizing he is a medium through the help of a psychiatrist who well, is a ghost. The movie is slow-paced, dark, and with a twist at the end, which I am sure everyone knows by now. 

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-I Know What You Did Last Summer/Scream (See HERE & HERE)- I braved watching these movies because my friends and I were going through our weird teenage phase and decided a great Friday night constitutes popcorn and early greying of our hair. If you are into bloody movies scenes with plenty of drama and screams, then these two movie titles are classic.  

-The Exorcist/The Shining (See HERE & HERE)- My dad recommended The Exorcist and I watched The Shining on my own because everyone raved about it. Both movies scared the daylights out of me and I mean it when I say watch these two when you really want your mind to get really twisted. Remember to brush your teeth before you hit play because all you will be doing afterward is cowering under the blankets. 

-The Blair Witch Project (See HERE)- Ok, I think I lied earlier because I saw this movie in a movie theater as well. I am not sure what to tell you, other than the fact I wanted to throw up at the end from all the crazy cinematography. And I use the term loosely, much like the nature of the young group of white people who decided to throw caution to the wind in a forest and make a documentary about a witch living there. Expect a lot of night-time videography, aimless running, and superb sound effects. If you are new to the genre or deciding to do a first date on Halloween, then I recommend watching this.


-Paranormal Activity (See HERE)- Okay, this entire series is so scary that all you want to do is pathetically cheer for these poor souls and their progeny who are cursed for generations by a witch. The situation gets pretty hopeless as the curse returns to the innocent family who decides to record the whole situation with cameras around the house. Pretty freaky. 

-Child’s Play (See HERE)-  I wouldn’t recommend this movie for children because that’s when I saw it as a child and the chuckling stopped when the credits rolled in. That’s when I realized how devastatingly stupid I was to watch the movie at night with the expectation that I wasn’t going to fear death in the end. Instead, I had to stay up and get in my reading hours for school. Child’s Play is about this ugly male doll who terrorizes a town by killing its inhabitants. Sounds cute, but it really is not.

Other honorable mentions such as The Others (See HERE), The Ring (See HERE), Rosemary’s Baby (See HERE), Birds (See HERE) focus more on women characters and of course there is Shutter Island that explores the demons behind mental illness (See HERE).


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