Sana’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide


Hello and a happy Wednesday to you! Today is Hump Day and exactly two weeks from Valentine’s Day- Valentine’s Day and Hump Day in the same sentence sounds scandalous, but be assured that’s not my intention. Lol. Anyways, today I wanted to help men and women in relationships and marriages. No I am not going to give you relationship advice here because each relationship is different and honestly you two are the experts of your relationship. Not me. Bearing that in mind, I have come up with some gift ideas to give your honey or sweetie a special Valentine’s Day. So let’s move on….

If you want to gift any woman (especially me 😉 ) this Valentine’s Day, I wouldn’t go anywhere but Kate Spade. With free ground shipping available for Valentine’s Day this designer label is perfect for someone who likes a little flair when it comes to gifts. Maybe it’s the polka dots, the bold black and white stripes, or fun floral patterns, there’s a little bit of everything for the lady in your life. For the lady who likes Asian influences, how about the Swamped Magnolia Sam (See HERE) or the Watson Lane Embroidered Maya (See HERE)? For the health nut, opt for the That’s the Spirit Yoga Mat (See HERE) or the That’s the Spirit XXL Lane gym bag (See HERE).  Ladies love getting jewelry from their man and it doesn’t have to be diamonds or gold. Check out these beautiful Vibrant Life Leather Statement Studs (See HERE) or the Vibrant Life Linear Earrings (See HERE). For some practical gift ideas, look at the Alligator Monterey Watch (See HERE) or Cameron Street Flora Card Holder (See HERE) or the Leather Wrap Folio iPhone 7/8 case (See HERE).


This part is for the guys again. Guys, if you want to gift your ladies some fine jewelry and don’t want to shop at Tiffany & Co or Cartier (because I know that is for really SPECIAL events 😉 ) then look into jewelry designer Kendra Scott. Kendra Scott offers more statement pieces in fine jewelry than delicate traditional pieces. However, if your lady has a strong personality than why not support that? I know I would love to get the Val Hoop Earrings in Gold (See HERE) and your lady will too. The Emmet Statement Earrings in Rose Gold (See HERE) or the Nettie Statement Necklace in Gold (See HERE). For those ladies that love stones, how about the Misha Statement Earrings in Amazonite (See HERE) or the Carla Gold Drop Earrings in Abalone (See HERE)? I wouldn’t recommend diamonds for any Valentine’s Day. The only reason you should be giving diamonds is if there is a really special and momentous reason to celebrate. Maybe there is a baby on the way, maybe you are celebrating a 25-year anniversary or something of similar caliber, then opt for gifting diamonds. I am in love these Luella Drop Earrings in Pave Diamond and 14K Rose Gold (See HERE) or the Lillian Lariat Necklace in Pave Diamond and 14k Rose Gold (See HERE). For the ladies who are into bracelets, the Elias Cuff Bracelet in Pave Diamond and 14k Rose Gold (See HERE) is very pretty. But guys, no pressure. Women want diamonds to commemorate special events and we do not expect diamonds every Valentine’s Day. So save that money for something more important like building a life together. We know that’s on your mind.


Ok, this recommendation can go either way. A girlfriend/wife can gift this to her significant other or vice versa. I learned about The Night Sky (See HERE) on a Facebook ad in my news feed. Someone should thank Mark Zuckerberg. Ha Ha. The Night Sky was created by a mother, wife, and sky-obsessed entrepreneur. It allows customers to create personalized keepsakes of important moments in their life. If you love stars and want to memorialize a special night like your first kiss, the first night your baby was born, or your wedding night, then this is a special gift for your home together. Please click on the link above to learn more.

Well ladies and gentlemen, I hope I have given you guys a lot to think about. There will iA be more Valentine’s Day-themed blog posts on All About Sana so look out for them. Happy Shopping!!!