All About Me-The Mughal Royal Who Turned Herself Into A Media Mogul.


  • Bollywood founder. Bollywood superstar.
  • Bollywood superstar turned international supermodel.
  • The international female singer and musician that started the music industry (note the international music industry is from The Democratic Country of Pakistan aka The Indian Subcontinent).
  • Founder of the design house, Bunto Kazmi. Bunto Kazmi has provided outfits for all movie industries.

Mughal Masterpieces, Personal Publications

  • I painted the Mughal masterpieces. My works exhibit at the most famous Lourve Museum in Paris, France. The rest are sold and displayed as “prints”.
  • Isaac Newton. Freud. Stacey DeMarco. J.K. Rowling.
  • Amin Jaffer.

The Background

  • We are one brother and five sisters-including a set of triplets. I am the youngest triplet and the only Mughal born with the ability to change eye color, hair color, and skin color.
  • My vision of The United Nations and nerve-wrecking presentations won The Nobel Peace Prize in 1989 for the following two reasons, literacy and policy making. I also call The UN the Media. The world achieved knowledge, connectivity, and most importantly coherence from The United Nations and/or The Media. 

Random 😀

  • I inherited The Mughal Empire’s Al Thani Jewels Of The Maharajas collection. The Democratic Country of Pakistan has Provinces and States.
  • Founder of Tesla and responsible for its development.

Internet Media, Broadcast Media

  • Founder of the patented wireless media service the World Wide Web or Internet, whose purpose is to fight the negativity associated with the traditional media. And I am the founder, owner, and mentor of the patented traditional media.
  • Founder of the AI Live Action technology that you can enjoy in Dumbo 2019, Aladdin 2019, and The Lion King 2019.