The Mughal Royal. The Media Mogul.

My name is Sana. (I am the youngest of a triplet set! And we are 5 sisters & 1 brother!). I became globally famous after I was shot by chance by my father-in-law & ended up on the already widely circulated National Geographic magazine in 1985 (See HERE). I have been in love with the camera since I opened my eyes as a baby. I have spent millions of hours making YouTube videos of me and my family when we were all young. My maternal grandfather invented the camera and the radio for me since they were to help me with my learning. I decided to expand it and use it to improve global literacy.

Music Media & Film Media

The intentions behind creating film and animation industries globally are to show various palates in Pakistan’s culture, honor those who passed away for the country and to cater to the interested global audience. All Bollywood actresses you see in movies are me. I “digitized” parts of my body & made different personalities larger than life. You can search for my Bollywood videos (only; as the rest of the Bollywood movies are 100% “digitized”). I worked in one film (only) in Hollywood.

I married Jack “Dorsey” Vanderbilt in 2007 and we have a set of twins together. We are expecting very soon again. Humorous to some, our grand life endeavors have generated interest from the global population. One of the earliest things we discussed early in our relationship was the legacies we want to leave behind. Jack has his own legacy to leave behind however, I have my own. We have produced a few projects together-like Twitter, Camilla Cabello, Selena Gomez, Behati Prinsloo & Rihanna, I think. There could be more.

My editorial work on the concepts of the holiday blockbusters, The Grinch and Ralph Breaks The Internet made me fall in love with animation again. I created a new SaaS technology labeled (Live Action) which viewers can enjoy in the animated Dumbo (Live Action), Aladdin (Live Action), and The Lion King (Live Action). My two cat kitties Suri and Coco are my spiritual connections to the animal kingdom and a huge inspiration for my editorial part in The Secret Lives Of Pets 2.

I created the Holiday 2018 Starbucks campaign, which was inspired by romanticism and imagination in literature aka print media.

Print Media

My first media project was the publication of the adult literature book, Night, which I wrote under the pseudonym, Elie Wiesel. I won the 1989 Nobel Peace Prize for its initial manuscript after I “managed to publish” it. If I remember right, I created the typewriter and the publishing machine under the age of one. I also wrote under John Milton. The award was for 1987 until I requested to include the 5000 English and Urdu songs I wrote till the first day of first grade. On that day, I handed my mother the last song I wrote the previous night and recommended she arrange to call the Nobel Peace Prize Committee since I was ready for my award. By the Nobel Peace Prize Committee’s standards, there was only edit needed in the portfolio. They visited me at my school in 1988 and officially told me I am a winner.

Broadcast & Internet Media

I founded the patented wireless media service, the World Wide Web or The Internet, whose purpose is to fight the negativity associated with traditional media or “fake news”. And I am the founder of the patented traditional media as well. My love for entertainment was through the stories my maternal grandmother, Lucille Ball, who was also publically known as Elsa, told me. My paternal grandmother was the actress named Helen in Bollywood. My maternal and paternal grandfathers respectively known as Albert Einstein & Mahatma Gandhi/Muhammed Jinnah.  

Fashion Media

As our wedding present, I inherited the only surviving Mughal jewelry trust aptly called, The Al-Thani Jewels Of The Maharajas, from my four royal “grandparents”. The rare and exquisite pieces in this very expensive collection are numbering in thousands, ranging from dates 1200 – 1400 years old, & attract crowds to all museums that exhibit them the world over. I want these jewels to represent the lost time I cherish and to serve educational for those interested in the Mughal Empire.

Pakistani culture during my childhood was French; however, the busy bee that I am, I needed to spin out something after Pakistan’s very difficult times in the 1980s. If you need a small peek inside of that 1982 -1988 era, search my alter egos Miranda Kerr, Adrianna Lima, Taylor Hill, Gigi Hadid, & others online. Parts of my beautiful country are still like that era, I hear. The Democratic Country of Pakistan or Indian has five provinces & two states, Afghanistan, and India. Proud of the heritage of my very royal Indian aka Mughal family, I take great pride in the new age shahi Truck Art culture & its satirical Mughal or Nawabi cultures and am solely creating their accompanying philosophy, The Color Therapy Program.

I started the designer brand Studio S and Bunto Kazmi. I started (and fully support monetarily) two nonprofits and NGO’s, Soi Dog Foundation and Humane Society International through Bunto Kazmi. Please visit their non-affiliated websites & social media accounts to gain more insights.

I inherited Hermes at the age of two from my paternal grandfather and now focusing on redefining its brand ethos, which began as a luxury fashion house solely for men who love their horses. Hermes is a pioneer luxury fashion house in offering exotic patent leather that is irreplicable thus, priceless. At the age of three, I introduced Hermes to the concept of mixing digital print technology to fabric filled in with some Parisian hand artistry. Excited to see this fresh and colorful spin, Hermes decided to expand into women lines by offering them leather goods and accessories. Hermes seasonal scarf collections and annual collections of leather goods and accessories offer the best in creation Hermes has to offer.

Beauty Media

I inherited L’Oreal at the age of five, which is the father makeup and beauty company in the world. I have worked hard on making this industry a cruelty-free, and in the future, possibly vegan industry. My maternal grandfather bought me global ownership rights to the Argan Oil fields when I was three, which sounded completely random at the time but, he wanted me to learn about Argan Oil. I chose to license Argan Oil forever to makeup and beauty lines only.

Next Goals For The Blog:

  1. To highlight my first-hand experiences in fashion & beauty as a media industry. 
  2. To explain the concept of  “publication houses” & “self-publishing” and the respective media trend I noticed in the global market.