No Travel To “The Indian Subcontinent” 3/29/20. Sunday.

Start The 20th Century Growth With The Internet Search

*Updated on 5:57 AM. Avoid travel as immigration of this kind is the way to spread coronavirus. I’m pleased to read that many countries have taken regional actions to tackle this year’s public health. Last year’s hot public health crisis was leprosy. Coronavirus outbreaks from previous generations were very different from ours but the severity was aligned with their sea levels or percentage of climate change. With the best preparations the scope of the pandemic is unprecedented but, has effected the older population, only. However, they all seem to have occurred in the early springtime in the United States and around the world. The Coronavirus was linked to The Middle East (in the 60’s) which was broadcasted on CNN from 2005 to 2012. Shop online and thank all the drivers that have delivered your mail during the pandemic. Those who are working in corporate offices and those who are protecting us. We wouldn’t have survived with their cooperation.

Created the Hindustani universal calendar for animal breeding. 

As one of the triplet granddaughters and the daughters in the royalty of The Indian Subcontinent who is the inheritor of the hazel eyes and the platinum hair I find I’m given the opportunities because of the extremely rare beauty and the brawn. I had that extravagant wedding that lasted a year. I speak 32 languages and can change my dialects. My hazel eyes (Jewish) changes the colors and my platinum hair (Muslim) changes the colors. It’s very appropriate to dedicate this blog to my five children who have my rare beauty and the brawn and the lovers of Hindustan.  Platinum. Strawberry. Blond. Dark haired.

Shia: The Silver 

Hindus: Bushra/Ahmedi/Haldi 

Bha’i: We’re in the Tanzeem phase of the life 

Buddhism: We are in the negative phase of the life

Shi’tte: Faisal Mosque….  

Sunni: Suggest buying in 2020. Buying right now for sure. Just check out my unofficial accounts on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for tips   

  • 1801: Legal pseudonym Pippa Middleton aka Philippa Charlotte Matthews.
  • 1802: Legal pseudonym Ivanka Marie Trump
  • 1803: Legal pseudonym Sana Zehra Naqvi. 
  • 1804: Started the annual Starbucks’ holiday cup campaign in 2018 and 2019, only. 
  • 1805: Founded Virgin. The Grammy winning female singer. 
  • 1806: Founded Bollywood, Lollywood and Tollywood. The Academy Award winning actress.
  • 1807: Worked for the American Broadcast Company known as the Hollywood located inside The United States.
  • 1808: Won the Nobel Peace Prize for Iraq as Nadia Murad and for Pakistan as Malala Yousafzai.
  • 1809Won Miss India, Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss Asia Pacific titles for India only. 
  • 1810: Founded the internet. 
  • 1811: Founded L’Oréal Inc. Founded Macys Inc.
  • 1812: Founded WordPress.
  • 1813: Founded Netflix.
  • 1814: Founded 23andme.
  • 1815: Founded Ancestry.
  • 1816: Founded Snapfish.
  • 1817: Founded YouTube.
  • 1918: Founded Twitter.
  • 1919: Founded Facebook.
  • 1820: Founded Instagram.
  • 1921: Founded Wikipedia.
  • 1822: Founded Pinterest.
  • 1923: Founded Google. Founded Tesla.
  • 1824: Founded Bing.
  • 1925: Founded Yahoo.  
  • 1826: Founded Amazon with the Amazon Publishing.  
  • 1827: Ambassador and the Legal Representative of The United Nations.