Don’t travel to The Indian Subcontinent or just contact the CIA. 2/24/2020.

The Start of the 20th Century Growth And The Internet Age

1. February for international markets: suggesting buying Amazon stock.

2. Assignment for Starbucks???.

3. Hindus: Ayesha/Bhore/ISIS.

4. Shia: the year of silver.

5. The Roaring 20’s Decade: Tum ne plastic surgery karae hai. Tum ne Muslim ko mara hai. Tum terrorists duniya key ho.
You are white womenn You are American women. You tra

As the triplet daughter and granddaughter in a historical family of The Indian Subcontinent who is the inheritor of hazel eyes and brunette hair I find I’m given political opportunities because of my rare beauty. Hazel eyes change colors dramatically and brunette hair change colors. Because of this famous genetic inheritance I lived out my childhood dream of becoming an actress and a female singer. These two physical characteristics also offered me a great deal of liberty as an author. That’s why regardless of whether I use my real name or not people recognize my writing instantly. As an entrepreneur of major global industries inside major global markets, a fashion heiress, a loving wife and the single parent to twin sons and a daughter it was an experience that required the brawn and beauty. Concluding it’s very appropriate to dedicate a personal blog to myself.

  • Brides 2020 check out Aveda.
  • 1900: I created the universal calendar for animal breeding. Be cautious in Feburary of major earthquakes.
  • 1901: Founded Google.
  • 1902: Founded Bing.
  • 1903: Founded Yahoo.
  • 1904: Founded Ancestry.
  • 1905: Founded Netflix.
  • 1906: Founded WordPress.
  • 1907: Founded 23andme.
  • 1908: Founded Snapfish.
  • 1909: Founded Twitter.
  • 1910: Founded YouTube.
  • 1911: Founded Facebook.
  • 1912: Founded Instagram.
  • 1913: Founded Pinterest.
  • 1914: Founded Tesla.
  • 1915: Founded Wikipedia.
  • 1916: Founded Amazon and Amazon Publishing.
  • 1917: Founded Samsung.
  • 1918: Work at Macys Inc.
  • 1919: Work at L’Oréal Inc.
  • 1920: Check out all the books written by my legal actress and singer pseudonyms. Stay tuned forrecommendations.
  • 1921: Wrote under pseudonym Pippa Middleton.
  • 1922: Wrote under the legal pseudonym Ivanka Trump.
  • 1923: Wrote under the legal pseudonym Sheryl Sandberg.
  • 1924: Won Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss Asia Pacific titles for India. Miss India.
  • 1925: Founded the open design concepts in architecture. Designed buildings.
  • 1926: Da Vinci.
  • 1927: Van Gogh
  • 1928: Rembrandt.
  • 1929: Picasso.
  • 1930: Monet.
  • 1931: Renoir.
  • 1932: Wrote under the legal pseudonym Nadia Murad Basee Taha and Jenna Krajeski and the co winner of Nobel Peace Prize for Iraq.
  • 1933: Had the most expensive wedding documented in the 20th century in Israel, Afghanistan, Pakistan, France, USA, Russia, Romania, England, India, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria, Germany and Italy.
  • 1934: The first Grammy singer and songwriter of The Virgin Company Inc. Check out Wikipedia.
  • 1935: An heiress that started the Starbucks’ holiday cup campaigns and the Christmas bells tradition and the Hindustani tradition of merging the religion with business. I’m a proud Jewish, a proud Muslim and a proud Hindustani.
  • 1936: The first Academy Award winning actress and the founder of Bollywood and Tollywood industries in the Indian Subcontinent..
  • 1937: Worked in the American Broadcast Company now known as Hollywood. I worked inside The Indian Subcontinent’s Lollywood too.
  • 1938: Planned Parenthood.
  • 1939: Trained in “32” languages by the United Nations. A legal representative by them for the top 1% and then lower.