Good Afternoon.

My name is Sana and I’m an entrepreneur. I am the creator of the World Wide Web aka The Internet and love being involved in all of its components. I have been working on them since 1984! You can expect to learn about my related entrepreneurial experiences and journies on All About Sana as well.

I married my childhood sweetheart in Germany in the Summer of 2008 and we have 10 children together. So my two cat kitties Suri and Coco are my connections to the animal kingdom.

I love anything related to the democratic country of Pakistan including its people, fashion, music, and culture. It is part of my entrepreneurial goal to write to All About Sana readers about how to navigate Pakistan’s markets (or bazaars) because that’s what I love to do when I travel to Pakistan besides eating indigenous Mughalia (the rulers), Nawabi (the descendants of the rulers) and Shahi (Indian Subcontinent’s millennials) cuisines. Being a Shahi, I had to create Pakistan’s first and only bridal couture brand, Bunto Kazmi because of my personal style preference in time-honored and heritage Mughlia fashions. I support The Koel Shop because of their excellent work ethic and business ethos in reviving Pakistan’s Nawabi history and fashion. The only Pakistan-based designers I approve on Lollywood and Bollywood stars are Sabyasachi, who is an expert in Nawabi fashion himself and Studio S., a designer who is quickly becoming a millennial favorite.

When it comes to literature, I have a predilection for favoring female authors over male authors. Literature penned down by female authors has come leaps and bounds since the 18th century. While Jane Austen may have started this new “literature” and gender movement, it was actually authors such as Mary Shelley, Emily Dickinson, Virginia Woolf, and Sylvia Plath that brought female-authored books into the hands of every man and woman. I have been more “experimental” when choosing male authors. I like topical literature penned down by Fyodor Dostoyevsky and F. Scott Fitzgerald to majestic literary musings of Edgar Allan Poe, John Milton, Walt Whitman, and Langston Hughes. I may give Shakespeare a second chance soon.

I am also the creator of “The Color Therapy” Program & Pakistan’s Shahi Truck Art Culture beloved in the entire Indian Subcontinent, especially in Lahore, Peshawar, and Karachi. Most people don’t know that Silicon Valley’s beloved Corporate Culture and The Corporate Culture, in general, is attributed much to the life experiences of mine and my colleagues in Pakistan and The United States of America.

I taught for 5 years as an elementary school teacher and I hope my former students also read All About Sana because I continue covering writing and reading topics.

Given the cultural issues in the Democratic Country of Pakistan currently, I will no longer endorse Pakistani brands except the ones above. Please note I have worn suits by these designers in the past because being a Pakistani, I support all legal lifestyles but, I no longer support designers from Amber Goher, Maria B., Agha Noor, Khaadi, Generation PK, Sana Safinaz, Sania Maskatiya, Tena Durrani, Zainab Chottani, & Farah Talib Aziz.

When you have any questions or suggestions to help update All About Sana, please contact me below!