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I’m a Pakistani native living in the beautiful state of California, USA for twenty-some years. Although a woman of many talents, the one I am most proud of is writing. I love languages, especially English, so much so that I spend most of my time reading books, being creative on social media, talking to my two cats as if they are my babies, and taking pictures of my travels and daily experiences just so I can write about them.

I started my first blog in 2010 after being inspired by a former high school peer. Although we weren’t friends in school, I learned so much about her by the way she wrote about her family. She took beautiful photos as well. I thought to myself, “I want to do that!”. Thus, after picking my favorite hobby – making lists as the subject- my first blog started. You can read that blog HERE.

This time around, however, I started one based solely on my unique writing approach so I can stylize literature reading opportunities, fashion/beauty/decor/life/career ideas, and travel topics, which is not so much to tell my readers to conform, but to encourage them to find their own niche and bring their own eclectic interpretations to the writing table.

I feel my love of writing is like a baby I am waiting to have so till the baby milestone happens, I will treat “All About Sana” as such. In conclusion, this online space is for people who want to get inspired by MY unique writing approach crafted somewhat unwittingly by decades of music, reading, people, travel, and life experiences.

I hope you enjoy my creation. Thanks!

xo Sana