Sephora Beauty Insider’s Guide To Summer and Autumn Makeup


*This post was updated on June 18th, 2019.

Good morning All About Sana readers!! Hope you are doing well!! It has been some time since I have written a post and there are several reasons for that. I essentially took some time away to reconnect with family, focus on my health, and reflect what I have accomplished via tweeting and blogging. And today, I come to you with a brand new post full of fun ideas and tips on how to add products from Sephora and look like a Greek goddess during the months that are coming. My spring post can be founded here and my winter post can be found here. I recommend Sephora since it is a one-stop store for all your makeup and beauty needs. There are just a handful of brands they do not carry that you can find online or in a drugstore.

The MET Gala 2019

Yesterday was The MET Gala and like last year it was an epic red-carpet performance. Correct me if I am wrong since I have walked this carpet several times, but The 2019 MET Gala’s red carpet was the second red carpet televised. Before 2018, it was an elite gala reserved for stars, celebrities, art enthusiast/history buffs, and fans or employees of Anna Wintour only. Just kidding. Actually, it was in the 1980s that Anna Wintour, “the” friend of my first grade teacher came to me about expanding her little New York gala and making it more “glamorous” (how is that possible? she asked me. I hope she agrees it is more glamorous now). I had won The Nobel Peace Prize by then, earned popularity and fame, and constantly in search of adding more to my invention, “the media” (see here). Anna thought that adding The MET Gala to televised programming (and online) will educate Americans about “a” niched group of New Yorkers who seem so reclusive and private. I said I can definitely help.

So in Pakistan, upon many discussions on the concepts I had, and the themes the ball had taken on, we agreed to sign a contract and hence beginning 2018 and forward the rest of America can catch a glimpse of what The MET Gala is really about. Last year’s Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination was a force of nature and I, myself was taken back by how beautiful it all came together. I am truly appreciative of the designers, stylists, famous people and their agents, family, media, and others who worked behind-the-scenes. The red carpet is a moment in time for me. This years Camp: Notes of Fashion was another hit according to my standards. Camp’s writing is about highlighting the “Queer” culture of San Francisco, which was loved by Pakistanis in the 1980s. However, after moving to the United States permanently the word “Gay, Lesbian, and others” and “Queer” has sadly taken a misogynistic turn due to a very niched polytheism culture (read Mormons/Hindus/Buddhists), which I hope the true Queer Culture aka thespians can turn around.  It is a tragic reality that must be fought against. Thanks to those who viewed the show and leaving comments.

Introduction to Summer and Autumn Looks

So excited about the short summer and fall months that California is known for. So I am pleased to tell you what regiments I have planned or already adopted for the months. Being Sephora’s Beauty Insider I love earning points for my purchases, whether ONLINE or IN-STORES (Thanks Sephora for changing that) and getting free gifts in return. I have kept up with my skincare-regiment that I started in the winter months and really noticing a difference in how I feel and look. So, please duly note that the beauty routine no matter the ingredients OR the beauty line you choose should be enjoyed. Then you can have fun with makeup; truly.

Summer Looks

To me the months of summer is about looking skin-kissed, active, and sleepy at the same time. Their is no nature to observe, no traveling plans to be made, just the idea of killing time and getting things done. Hence for this season, I have chosen brown and gold as my colors. I never thought I could contour like Kim Kardashian (BTW she does her sisters’ contouring as well), but after watching her a million times, I have picked up a few tricks and attempted contouring with a Urban Decay sample Sephora gifted me with purchase. It is quite easy and the truth is you cannot mess it up. Just remember to apply and reapply the layers using one-stroke. For the blush, I would recommend applying the Kora Organics Crystal Luminizer in Rose Quartz (See HERE) over your cheeks.

For the rest of your face, I cannot recommend enough Huda’s Huda Matte & Metal Melted Double Ended Eyeshadows (see HERE). Don’t be deceived by the colors, the word “eyeshadow” or its applicators. The colors are charming, but do not blend. Do not apply eyeliner. Be discerning with applying one color or two colors. I have bought five products from this line of Huda’s and have received rave reviews. Also, the colors I bought are Minted/Dinero, Cherry Soda/Hot Sauce, Fro-Yo/Wednesday, Silk Bomber/Bubblegum Bubble Bath, and Limelight/Gold Chains.

For your lips, I recommend picking any nude or pink shade.

Summer is also the month where you show skin. I mean, why not? I have bought two body scrubs (See HERE and HERE) for myself and seeing the results. I am also loving the Sun-Defying Sunscreen Oil in SPF 50 (see HERE) because it nourishes my skin. Adopt a new ideology this year like wearing hats and sunglasses. It is so refreshing to see women who are comfortable accessorizing.

The update is that I bought the FENTY BEAUTY by Rihanna Body Lava Body Luminizer (See HEREthat comes in three colors also. I bought the illustrious “Trophy Wife” bottle that has a lustrous hyper-metallic gold color. Body luminizers are beautiful products that require learning, but Sephora gives you samples so please request them. After a couple of trials, I became comfortable with the color I needed to purchase and learned that I require a layer of sunscreen oil underneath to give it a smooth (yet shimmery) look. I also apply the products all over my legs when I wear short dresses and no oil or color got on the clothes. And layer applications are best. 

Autumn Looks

For autumn you cannot go wrong with red lips, “blue eyes”, pink nails, and yellow sunglasses. *Courtesy my cats.

Before You Go

None of the beauty and makeup products that are made in Pakistan have been tested on animals. I have tried every; EVERY product available on the market; yes, as a child. And so has my grandfather; the Albert Einstein. Thank you.