Spending Winter 2017 in Anthropologie Outerwear



Hi Guys! Hope you are partaking in the wonderful Christmas/Hanukkah holiday festivities (or Rabi-Al-Awwal festivities) this month. I am sooo happy to be alive right now. There are so many less fortunate than me in the world and I think about them and mindfully replace all my negative thoughts with thoughts of how to help these people. Whenever I struggle to go to work, I listen to holiday music in the car or stop-by Starbucks and pick up a holiday treat coffee. At work, I go out of my way to spread the holiday cheer by having a big smile on my face and assisting colleagues when it is not required. I know folks around me have noticed how much I love the holiday spirit even though I don’t celebrate the Christian and Jewish traditions. And honestly, these little acts of self-care and thoughts of giving back makes me feel so grateful and positive. This is truly what the holidays are about-not clothes, not presents, not the parties, but to reflect on who we are, what we have, and where we want to go from now on.

Now, you may find this post odd given how I started it. But, guys, I hear stories about people toughing out the worst circumstances like the wildfires in Southern California, or folks with family members who have died because of war and famine, and I can’t help to encourage folks to take care of themselves by doing something nice for themselves. One activity they can do is shopping for coats and jackets this holiday season.

Everyone needs a coat in United States. I say “trust me” to those folks who disagree with me. I mean, how many of us, have gone out to run errands in sweats under a beautiful coat so we can look presentable? Don’t lie-¬†everybody has. I know I have.

Living in California for 20+ years, I have experienced all sorts of weather conditions. Whether it is snow in Yosemite or Tahoe, drought season in Southern California, or rainstorms in San Francisco; California weather is as varied as it comes. So I thought that I’d focus today’s topic on buying lovely outerwear from Anthropologie.


I love Banana Republic coats because of their affordability and their trendy designs and cuts. However, I love the eclectic range that the store Anthropologie boasts. Anthropologie is an American retailer that features a curated assortment of women’s wear, jewelry and home goods. They always have the best decorated storefronts and while the prices may not be as affordable as J.Crew and Banana Republic, their selection of clothes have character and an individualistic quality to them. So here goes:

5 Looks Presented By Anthropologie

If you love preppy fashion or tradition in general, then go for this Houndstooth Coat (See HERE). This will look great with plain shirts or sweaters, jeans, and over-the-knee boots. However, if you are like me and love faux fur, then do consider this Bristol Faux Fur Jacket (See HERE) that comes in ivory color. These will look great with some pearl-studded jeans and loafers. Obsessed with the tweed collection Chanel just showcased? Then live out your Chanel fantasies with a Budget-friendly option such as this Tweed Berwyn Jacket (See HERE). This will look absolutely breathtaking with a black t-shirt, light distressed denim and a statement brooch. If you like to go a little girly chic with your outerwear, then opt for this beautiful Milo Coat (See HERE). This coat will look wonderful with some pearl strands and pink velvet ankle boots. To highlight the grey in the coat, go for a grey gradient look-maybe a wool midi-skirt or a grey shirt with colored jeans. And…for my ladies that love a little hip-hop in their wardrobe, I am suggesting this Space-Sequined Bomber jacket (See HERE). This bomber jacket will look great with some dark denim and gold hoop earrings.

Well, guys, today I presented you with five different looks for your outerwear. The sales are going on so make the most of your evenings and weekends this month. Whether you are a diva or a princess at heart, you will look beautiful like you are inside-out. You totally deserve it. Happy Shopping!!!