Style A Hermes Scarf With Studio S. The Boss Lady Collection

* This blog post was updated on August 17th, 2019.

Hi Guys! Hope you are doing well. I wanted to do something helpful for women in Pakistan who want some pizzazz in their work attire. Yes, it is safe to assume that Pakistani American working women here don’t wear eastern clothes like Pakistani women to work. And sometimes the latter group want to step away from the traditional eastern dupatta look and go for a more clean and refined look that is fun and modern.

Studio S. “The Boss Lady” Collection 

Studio S. came up with “The Boss Lady” collection in the Spring of 2018. I mentioned this collection in a previous post (See HERE). Studio S. “The Boss Lady” collection was designed with the modern Pakistani woman in mind. “The Boss Lady” collection offers a wide range of geometric patterns perfect for women with a sharp and edgy taste. Instead of large florals or architectural motifs on loudly colored 3 piece suits the collection offers checkered patterns to tickle your United Kingdom fancy. Some of the most beloved checkered patterns like the houndstooth, tartan, gingham, plaid, stripes, chevron, and herringbone are part of this practical collection. The great part is that the entire collection comes in just the cotton fabric, a forgotten staple in Pakistan. Customers have the option to stitch the tunics into their suggested adorable fusion cuts with “at-home” instructions. You can browse to buy the collection HERE.

An aspect of “The Boss Lady” collection is that you can pair these adorable fusion tunics with any bottoms of your choice. You can go for the all-over same pattern look or pair the tunics with a favorite neutral bottom. How cute would The Audrey tunic look (See HERE) with white gharara pants? Looking for a more structured look? Opt for The Knot (See HERE) and pair it with black bootcut pants. I know The Preppy (See HERE) will look so cute with a white shalwar for college-going women, of course. For older women, The Coat (See HERE) is moderate enough to pair with cigarette pants is perfect. Other longer tunics can be viewed HERE and HERE. The possibilities are really endless.

I can understand as a Pakistani woman your wardrobe choices are limited when you go to work. While a professional woman here can wear anything to work besides denim and velvet, professional women in Pakistan are supposed to adhere to a strict dress code no matter what their age is. Mostly that means wearing a dupatta with your long tunics and bottoms. If you want to convert Studio S.’s trendy “The Boss Lady” collection into professional-appropriate pair the outfit with a Hermes scarf. The scarf I picked to style the collection can be purchased HERE online.

The Hermes “Le Tour du Monde en 63 Cases scarf 90” Scarf 

I personally love the “Le Tour du Monde en 63 Cases scarf 90″ because of its design and colors. This pattern was designed for me, I know. I feel in love with it the moment I saw it on display in the Hermes store at Stanford Shopping Center. Every aspect of this scarf defines me. The scarf comes in silk twill and is priced at only $395, affordable when compared to other Hermes scarves. The scarf’s design is very symbolic. Designed by Pierre Marie, the entire scarf is covered with a board game pattern and comes with a pair of dice! If you look at each mini-structure that makes the entire board game, you will spot pictures of famous structures and not so famous structures like trees and nature. In the middle is a fun message in French, written personally for its buyer. On the four edges are colosseum-esque structures framing the entire board game. Each scarf of varying colors come with different geometric colors suited for that fanciful woman. The 36″ x 36” size is perfect to style your neck as you please.

It is said that Hermes designs scarves each season with certain women in mind. Some are famous and influential, some just represent something, and some are designed by keeping the men in women’s lives in mind. The Autumn 2018 scarf collection (See HERE) is no different. Please spend some time finding the size you like and then proceed to look into the design and then the colors.

I was told that one scarf would be designed with me in mind. I wasn’t told what it looked like or its name but was given some tidbits of hints. I called it a fun hide-and-seek game, which I love to play in almost every aspect of life. And what do you think I stumbled upon months later? A scarf that contained the letter “M” and has a design full of symbolism. Plus, they priced this scarf perfectly. Anyone wanting to buy a Hermes store can save a little and buy it. And you never know, if you have faith you will find your way to that perfect Hermes scarf to cherish. I have. It was quite a coincidence really. Yesterday, I went to the open-air Stanford Shopping Center because I needed to have coffee and go on what is called my definition of “nature walk”. I drove to the shopping center and checked out my favorite stores as usual. The Hermes store here is in the vicinity of the Apple Store, Cartier, and Neiman Marcus. I could have gone into any other store, but I dilly dall-ied to Hermes keeping in mind what I knew. And there it was –  “The scarf”. It was displayed beautifully with festive dogs and cats surrounding it as if it was a table cover. It was such a colorful display that made me look into the detailing of the scarf more closely. There were all these hints that I pieced together and then when I came home to look at its name, I knew this scarf was “The scarf”. Since “Le Tour du Monde en 63 Cases scarf 90” scarf is so colorful, it will look great on patterns that are neutral or black and white. Styling it with Studio S.’s “The Boss Lady” collection is just a suggestion. The Hermes scarf is $395 and the tunic itself is $26 – $55 unless you want to add the pants, which will cost you $15 – $30.

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