Style Star: Sana’s Four Favorite Frocks Of Princess Charlotte



Hi Guys! How are you? Yesterday’s post was all about being a grown-up. But, today’s post is about having fun like a grown-up. Nothing brings me more joy like seeing little boys and girls wear cute party dresses. I make it a point to compliment any girl, including my two nieces, when they were Mughal style lenghas, ghararas (See HERE), and shalwar kameez with embellishments such as these (See HERE and  HERE). Same goes with boys as I make it a point to tease them a little about wearing a shalwar kameez suit, a cummerbund, a bow tie, or even colorful suspenders with their white button-down shirts and slacks. As lovely it is to see little children play outside in their casual clothes, it is a feast for the eyes of any woman, especially me, to see everybody well-dressed all the time.

If I was the queen of the world, I would require all girls to wear party dresses and boys to wear button-down shirts everywhere (even in their homes!). But, that would make me seem like the witch from Hansel and Gretel (See HERE) who want to devour little boys and girls after they are plump.

Anyways, today, I decided to do a fun post around Princess Charlotte of Cambridge. I FINALLY watched the wedding footage of Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank yesterday and it was a delight to see Princess Charlotte in a white silk satin dress with ruffled hems on the neckline and sleeves. The accessories were as precious as Princess Charlotte herself as the impeccably clean white dress was cinched with pride AND a printed belt tied behind in a giant bow. She wore white stockings and white Mary Jane’s. Her hairstyle looked polished like the white Mary Jane’s on her feet with a holly brooch she clipped in her half up-do.

A true budding fashion icon for young girls (and moms!), I thought I should do a post on my favorite outfits Princess Charlotte has donned during official and unofficial events.

Trooping The Colour 2018 Celebration


I absolutely let out a tiny squeal when I saw this beautiful smocked dress on Princess Charlotte during the Queen’s Trooping The Color 2018 birthday celebration. The brand of the dress is unknown, but the dress is not, by any means. The Peter Pan collar with white edging and puff sleeves make it a perfect blue princess dress.

Meeting Prince Louis Of Cambridge 2018


Clearly pastel blue is Princess Charlotte’s color as she wears this frock to meet her younger sibling, Prince Louis of Cambridge. Another floral printed dress with Peter pan color makes this frock silhouette her signature style. Here, she chooses to wear a short navy cardigan and those lovely black Mary Jane’s with socks.

Princess Charlotte’s 2nd Birthday Portraits


Chick yellow is another cute color that Princess Charlotte wears. This John Lewis cardigan is extra adorable because of the tiny blue sheep I would love to count anytime. Her neatly folded sleeves give the cardigan a fancier look and keep them away from her darling hands. And yes, there is a dress with a Peter Pan collar neatly tucked above the cardigan.

Princess Charlotte’s 1st Birthday Portraits

Although Princess Charlotte on occasion wears a pink dress, her M&H dress with an Olivier Baby and Kids Cream Rose Stitch cardigan, which she wore in all pink AND in blue and white is cute enough for a royal princess. She looked absolutely lady-like with stockings and Mary Jane’s.

So mom’s and little girls everywhere where there are little girls, I hope I, ahem, Princess Charlotte has given you some inspiration on how to dress for the upcoming holiday season or even for Easter 2019. I wouldn’t be surprised if I find little girls wearing Peter Pan collar frocks and cardigans at a soiree soon. All you would need are some stockings, Mary Jane’s, and ribbons to complete the “Princess Charlotte” look. For ideas, check out Janie And Jack (See HERE). Enjoy!

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