Style Star, Sonam Kapoor


The woman who single-handedly changed India’s fashion industry is no other than today’s style star, Ms. Sonam Kapoor. Gorgeous looks, plus blue-blooded Bollywood lineage, nothing could have stopped this talented actress when she first debuted in the film, Aisha. Although the response to the movie was lukewarm, it was how she carried those stylish outfits in the movie and later on during premieres, award shows, and festivals that secured her spot in the big leagues and carved a niche out for her as a fashionista in Bollywood.

Her impeccable head-to-toe look requires a team of talented glam squad. From researching labels to finding fantastic clothes, killer shoes, to glamming her up in stunning hair and makeup, they do it all. And Sonam knows how to carry those outfits like they were made for her. The world becomes her runway show during each of her events.

While my fashion idols in Pakistan are Mahira Khan and Ayesha Omar, I equally love Sonam’s Kapoor eye for cutting-edge fashion. So this Saturday, I decided to not take a nap and spend my late afternoon writing a post to entertain my readers. In this post, I have decided to write down my observations of Sonam’s dressing and write tips on how you can look like her whatever your budget.

Rule #1: Experiment with prints

Follow Sonam’s lead and oscillate between monochrome and pinstripes for maximum impact. Throw out the rule book that states you can’t wear fun, fussy prints. Don them proudly and just accessorize accordingly.

Rule #2: Dress in layers

Be it a sheet bolero over her sari, a lace cardigan over a summer dress or an embellished coat over her couture, Sonam has mastered the art of layering. Remember to use similar color palettes for each layer so you don’t look like you are drowning in fabric or color.

Rule # 3: Experiment with different hairstyles

Ruffling up a storm with your tresses is the key to up the sex factor. Think messy buns, fierce ponytails, and everything in between. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t go the other way and wear sleek, smooth hair. My rule is when your clothes have volume, then sleeker the better; if your clothes are sleek, and fit and flared then go big with the hair. You can’t go wrong.

Rule # 4: Modernize age-old silhouettes

Give your age-old silhouettes of sari a modern update. Spice it up with a cape, blazer or an embroidered jacket. Heck, instead of a blouse don a button down collared shirt. Be interesting!

Rule # 5: Stay away from the herd mentality

Have fun with fashion and trends. If you are not having fun, you are not doing it right. Sonam knows you can’t really stand out if you dress like everyone else. Risk everything and plunge into fashion with both feet (whatever your budget). Scout for new labels, experiment with offbeat silhouettes, and say yes to vintage couture everything.

Well, here are my five rules to looking like Sonam Kapoor. I would love your comments and suggestions on this piece. Let me know how I am doing. Happy shopping!