Superfoods For All Female Beauty


Hi, All About Sana readers! Hope you are doing well. I have a lot to tell you today that is a matter of great importance to the American women & the rest of the world.

Hollywood Award Season 2019

Bunto Kazmi will not be participating in the 2019 Grammy Awards Ceremony nor the 2019 Academy Awards Ceremony unlike some perceived. It has been arranged by SAKS (see HERE) that since Bunto Kazmi did such a brilliant job providing fabrics, dyed fabrics, & crochet “fabrics” for 2019’s The Golden Globes Awards Ceremony (see HERE), The Critics Choice Awards Ceremony (see HERE), & The SAG Awards Ceremony (see HERE), the Academy Awards 2019 & the Grammy Awards 2019 will be managed also by the democratic country of Pakistan’s designer, Sabyasachi.  The fashions of 2019’s The Film Independent Awards ceremony, iHeartRadio Music Awards ceremony, Tony Awards ceremony, & The Emmy Awards ceremony will be managed by the design house in the democratic country of Pakistan, Manish Malhotra. Thank you.

Please note that Roopal Patel is a Hindu & not a Sikh so please do not anger her or anyone really by saying that to her face. I “apparently” was perceived by her to have made this mistake once in New York City in 1998. But, she has an odd sense of humor. She calls a couple of men her sons and her husbands. I have it figured out. Do you? Also note that during President Trump’s State of the Union Address, the little girl, Grace & her paraplegic brother were in Pakistan & claimed to have ancestors brought to America as slaves. She had a tall & dark man yell that slaves were not Hindus, but Africans that now have rights in America. So basically my understanding was and is that slaves who were brought to America as indentured servants turned into slaves permanently & were Hindus. Please correct my understanding NOW. Grace, who was known as Sarah & her brother, Ben, & that tall black man were the children of the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, whose sister is, hopefully still, Sheryl Sandberg. Okay. I will tell you more later.

The US Political Scene (February 6th, 2019)

Also, note that the trial & investigation of Mr. Kavanaugh was ended because every evidence presented during the televised trial pointed to a mistrial aka every bit of evidence was judged false. Simply put, it is now illegal in the United States of America to mention Mr. Kavanaugh was tried, ever. All evidence presented was seen as baseless accusations & the falsified accusers are & will be addressed severally. Another point that can help Mr. Kavavanaugh is that all the accusers were Hindus that also followed me in New York City in 1998 & threatened Mr. Kavanaugh with a lawsuit because he didn’t take care of a parking ticket immediately. They were also extremely jealous that I was dating Jack Dorsey & being presented to The Society Of New York, specifically The Vanderbilts belonging from Vogue, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s, Victoria’s Secret, Tiffany’s, Van Cleef & Arpels, The Stock Exchange, US banks, & many famous New York artists & chefs. I even reunited with some of my friends I met first in Pakistan like Lucy Ricardo, Amy Sedaris, & Gloria Vanderbilt. It was a unique experience to meet these people in their “habitat” I had said. Please note, Jack & I were basically followed by the paparazzi so if there are any logistical connections or subsequent concoctions, just don’t worry.

Also, note that the current CIA director has been to Pakistan on many occasions & is fully educated & aware of what has happened & what is going on in The United States Of America. So please, keep reporting what you feel to the FBI, the CIA, & POTUS on Twitter & always pray.

Superfoods I have Tried

My beauty regiment now includes cruelty-free makeup, beauty products, & organic superfoods. I feel beautiful inside out & twice as much fun applying makeup and looking great in it.

Chia Seeds: This is a great pick-me-up superfood. I take it only occasionally with apple juice or water. I let a tablespoon worth of chia seeds sit in the water for 15 – 20 minutes, then add honey & cinnamon to the water & just drink it all. With apple juice, it is more calories, but apple juice serves additional beauty purposes as well.

Aloe Vera Powder: This superfood is great for any stomach issues ranging from acidity to ulcers. A surprising side-effect of the Aloe Vera Powder is that it hydrates & smooths out your skin like any smart moisturizer does. I take a tiny amount of Aloe Vera Powder 2 – 3 times a week.

Cinnamon Powder: Cinnamon Powder is great for young women who suffer from issues like PMS, bloating, and stomach acidity. While I wouldn’t say it improves skin texture or appearance, it does make you feel pretty in other ways and it is delicious when sprinkled on different foods and teas.

Matcha: Matcha is a new discovery of mine available in True Foods & Starbucks. Matcha is said to have many anti-oxidants & enzymes that control hormones. Plus it is considered anti-aging & anti-inflammatory as well. I recommend purchasing the drink instead of making it yourself at home. It is quite difficult to get the right taste & texture when you do it yourself.

If interested, see more HERE.

Superfoods I Want To Try

Maca Powder: This superfood is comparative to kale & spinach in its benefits. Packed with anti-oxidants it can slow down the aging process, contains antioxidants to address needs such as inflammation or flare-ups from the inside out. 

Açaí Powder: This superfood is derived from Acai berries & is another superfood packed with antioxidants, fatty acids, amino acids, & dietary fibers that are great for women in their 30’s. The color of Acai Powder juice is pomegranate red, which is such a sexual color, so a plus for color therapy indeed. 

Camu Camu: While this superfood serves more medicinal purposes, I am interested to try it for its teeth benefits. I will speak of my experiences in the future.

Beet Root Powder: It is a legend in my family that the beetroot cleanses or purifies your blood. So I am sure the Beet Root powder is just as beneficial. Packed with vitamins, minerals, & nitrate it can bring forth many benefits unknown to many. So try the superfood powder too.

Hope you enjoyed learning.