The Color Therapy Program To Make Your Spring Looks The Prettiest


Good morning All About Sana followers and readers! Hope you are all doing well.

First of all, thank you so much for making Dumbo the number 1 movie in the world. I saw it last weekend and it is a true masterpiece that Walt Disney would have loved and enjoyed watching. Please look out for the post on a perspective of an insider, sometime this year. Thanks once again for liking the trailers and viewing them too.

Since spring ’19 is here, I thought this time is a perfect time to include my color therapy ideology into the fashion spin, pun intended. Last week I wrote a post (See HERE) on spring beauty products that I started using; and yes, the products were mostly pink. Pink is such a pretty color so I thought to substitute the word pink with the adjective ‘prettiest’ to achieve the same type of beauty I feel when I wear this makeup from Sephora (See HERE).

I thought to expand The Color Therapy Program and include fashionable looks that support your goals of feeling and looking pretty. My long-term goal will be able to define the next decade with some coherence and intelligence. As mentioned before on my blog, the internet has been a great tool for the fashion industry since it highlighted creativity, progress, and issues associated with the industry. As a creator of the world wide web, I have been exposed to information probably more than anyone I know. And yes, it is a huge responsibility but I feel this responsibility allows me to act and tell “knowledge” unlike any other individual making me feel more confident & powerful.  

During the internet era, I haven’t been able to define the decades as the traditional media has. I do agree that the fashion of each decade in the last 100 years has had enough coherence to be defined by that decade. However, there are HUGE gaps related to literacy in fashion that the internet has clearly identified and highlighted. For example, in the last 20 years, we have seen trends “come back!” or the media misinforming their viewers by using words like “couture” and “vintage” interchangeably. Other mishaps have been the wrong use of the words “organic”, “vegan”, & “cruelty-free!” confusing consumers from the critical laws protecting the media and the consumers (and animals!), themselves. So here is what I think: 

Since I was born in the 1980s and from the millennial generation, I will highlight the fashion of the last three decades only. The 1980s were about girls pushing vibrating colors & embroideries; the 1990s were about girls pushing the coolness of denim; the 2000s were about silhouettes (confused? me too), and the 2010s have been about florals and plaids. I think the 2020s needs to focus on the satirical importance of cultures and accompanying loud and vibrant colors, plus the internet’s silent impact on fabric interplay. Like it? I don’t want print or patterns.

How can fashion conquer the next decade? Pick dominant colors for your spring looks in 2019! Last Summer, I collaborated with Ann Taylor and the Banana Republic on a handful of outfits that are figure flattering and CAN BE LAYERED! Some of my other famous sisters designed pieces as well and I hope they inform of us of their creativity in their own way. Back to me! Here goes: 

  1. The inspiration behind the Floral Border Sleeveless Dress was the Italian woman. I have only been to Italy once and found the Italian woman the funniest woman in the world. Do not call them pretty, Americans. The dress is asymmetrical and has some print, but the strong green border is my favorite part. I suggest you make your entire look Italian meaning stick to one COLOR. I have selected a few pieces for inspiration. If you want to tie a Hermes scarf (or scarves!) to your look, look for asymmetry. I had Hermes design some scarves just for this dress (See suggestions HERE, HERE, and HERE). Go to a Hermes for more “expert” suggestions. These Hermes shoes (See HERE) will look lovely for a brunch or a romantic dinner for two. Do not use a handbag with this dress.  
  2. The inspiration behind the Scarf Print Lantern Sleeve Shift Dress is an English woman. I wanted some coherence with Hermes again, but more boldly this time. The dress is short, summery, and made of a lovely polyester. This dress is perfect for a trip to the market with a girlfriend or to go to work in! The bright yellow border and the teeny tiny print with fun lantern sleeves are the sweetest. This dress can look lovely with any coat. For a light contrast. I think these shoes will look lovely with the dress (See HERE!). Your Hermes handbag selection can be versatile. 
  3. The Dillon Classic-Fit Soft Satin Utility Shirt from the Banana Republic (See HERE) is a beautiful shirt. To me, the blouse is Pakistani meets Princess Diana which means you can walk around with it tucked in your denim jeans or out. It is perfect for trend fiends and you can get your hands on it at the Banana Republic store or online. The fabric is soft enough for a woman to feel sultry and feminine at the same time. Please wear a thick strap tank top and tell your dry cleaner to be extra careful with it. Check out this new Hermes Kelly classic wallet (See HERE) to go with it! 
  4. The Snake Print Pleated Skirt (See HERE and HERE) snaked its way to my heart because it is very Pakistani meets Whitney Houston. I would pair it with this Hermes button-down shirt (See HERE), which is timeless enough to last a lifetime if taken care. Accessorize as you deem fit. Also, you can pair the skirt with this Hermes sweater (See HERE) versatile enough to sport with khaki cargo pants, slacks, and trousers.   
  5. We also are trying to bring back the Denim Dresses with innovative silhouettes bespoke of the next decade. Layering is the key! So support our efforts!