The Intention Behind A Color Therapy Program


Hello, All About Sana readers! Hope you are enjoying your region’s respective winter season. Currently, I am watching a recording of “Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them” aired on Saturday and trying to understand why these “fantastic beasts” are fantastic in a world of witches and warlocks. If you are interested in learning what I think about the second installment of this J.K. Rowling series, see my post HERE.

The US Market


Yesterday, Twitter made an internal change and Twitter’s stock went down 10% according to BBC news. That was actually good news given the volatility the US market faced in the months of December, especially. As I outlined in my previous post HERE, this is the time for companies to “communicate” their “stock buying efforts” to their stockholders to encourage more economic growth. I wouldn’t be surprised if in the near future middle class/upper middle class will be “forced” to buy stocks and bonds instead of sitting on a stockpile of cash in accounts that does nothing for them. It is really the time to be smart with your money and talk to a broker for your long-term/post-retirement IRA or 401K plans. Articles like these will be outdated.

Incumbent President Trump’s State of The Union Speech

President Trump triumphant speech at the US Congress gave all Americans (and hopefully people of the globe) a clear picture of the state of affairs in the United States. Aired on Twitter as well, we learned that the biggest issue currently facing this country is immigration and all issues subsequently relate to it. What possible issues other than “a wall” the traditional media ignores? The US Job market, health care system, crime and safety records, human rights violations, and animal rights to name them blatantly. Some hidden and more menacing issues related to immigration are terrorism, lobbyists that are warmongering, and those who lobby for “law changes” that are illegal to begin with.

After decades of research, travel, and life experiences, the only thing I can encourage Incumbent President Trump to do is to address the issue of immigration just like Former President Obama addressed the issue of Health Care during his 2 terms. Another “expected” news that showed up on a news channel I subscribe to is the $8.6 trillion (aa…yes) “US debt market” that was created in 2019 to address our debt issue that traditional media manages to fail to address point blank.

Remember, health is the number one priority for all of us and our families. Keep safe and keep reading further.


Also, for the kids. If you loved the last part of President Trump’s SOTU speech, remember I, Sana had a teeny tiny hand in it. I had suggested to “someone” close to “him” that President Trump’s “legacy” should be his writing since he is such a literature fiend. I remember watching him and Barack Obama fighting over American literature when I was a child in Pakistan. It was the type of theater every American would dream of watching. So to encourage my “hidden agenda”, I requested after he is done addressing the nation (and the world), he ends on a high note and concocts a part “derived” from his favorite literature, including speeches, novels, music, and traditional news headlines. I am not sure if he used anyone’s tweets.

What Is Color Therapy?

I consider myself the creator of “color therapy”. A middle school/high school friend of mine created sound therapy aka ASMR after I talked to her how during art class the scratching sounds of charcoal pencils on paper relaxed me unlike any music on the radio at the time.

I was interested in colors since I was a baby. I noticed different colors brought forward different healing energies and feelings inside me and I expanded “that energy” by choosing to wear specific colors and selecting food colors depending on my mood. My nannies, moms, and grandmothers were quite surprised about my lifestyle but, encouraged me to continue since it was so healthy.

The colors took a life of its own when I associated emotions with colors and immediately imagined a color if I was surprised, happy, mad, sad, or anything in between. Then in school, my color therapy program came in handy when during art classes I learned I could develop sensory details. I tried to manipulate my “senses” by giving each color that splatted on the paper a texture but, I was too young to even have the motor skills to do that. My brain could do wonders, my body, well, that’s another story.  The idea was that color mixed with a texture can create a memory so powerful that I could remember the initial memory decades later if that combination appears or was repeated to me. I think that is what our senses essentially do. Amazing. God Bless.

When I visited Santa Barbara (see HERE) last November/December, the house we stayed in had a painting that was deeply textured. I tried to remember if I had seen that painting before as the house belonged to my former elementary school teacher but, I couldn’t grasp at anything. Then I used my fingers to touch its crevices and immediately my brain lit up and a little memory of a thatched chair appeared along with a memory of my maternal grandfather. Interesting, but cute more. Yes.

My previous posts (see HERE and HERE) talks about food and mentions colors also. I want to expand on my color therapy food program and add a little spirituality to it. Depending on your chakra needs pick food colors and always cook a medley. Foods that are layered or served in any medley are the healthiest. The Mughals believed this and I believe it now. That’s why the cuisine of the Indian Subcontinent is one of the most diverse, eclectic, and varied you will find on the globe. For breakfast today, I made a Spanish omelet. I began with “an intention” and intuitively layered (instead of mixed this time) an organic egg, salt, paprika, green and purple spinach leaves, and red and green salsa. Then I increased the heat from low to medium. There were no splatters and in a relaxed manner, I cooked myself an awesome omelet, which I ate with a whole grain toast and apple juice mixed with aloe vera powder. I felt pretty good and feel great still right now.

So in a nutshell, what I am trying to promote in “this” post is to always create something with an intention and you will succeed. Enjoy.