The Lunar Calendar And Other Calendars


*This post was updated on August 10th, 2019.

Hi All About Sana readers! Hope you are doing well. The weather is warmer and I have faith that my small actions in the last decade and especially in the last few years have had impact in helping nature in big ways. 

Since I have been on a personal journey to learn more about nature and the environment a lot has been revealed to me again I can gladly say after three decades. It was around 1984 that The Democratic Country Of Pakistan began to look different. Many people can attest to the fact that one of the early signs of nature’s destruction is garbage. When we had hoards of immigrants visit us from all over the world due to numerous wars that were fought garbage was one of the many issues we communicated to the Middle East, Western Europe, and America’s. As I grew older and made friends with the Vanderbilt’s I learned about The Solar Calendar and The Gregorian Calendar. At the age of two, I was able to learn the Gregorian calendar by the order of its months and dates.

My second older sister, Kate, was the most doteful second mother and teacher ever. She told me a story that made me make a calendar of my own. She told me of a time before there was human life and simply to put a date on that time. And then she asked, “how can we learn when was day one?”. I told her, “we calculate when Prophet Adam was put on Planet Earth.”. And then she said, “but when?”. And then I looked into her blue eyes and said, “I don’t know”. Afterwards I saw the look of disappointment and really knew she wanted to solve her own puzzle. A few days later, I told her a secret I was working on a calendar because adding more calendars can help us triangulate when was “The Day One”.

From 1984-1987, I was able to create a lunar calendar. During that torturous year, at the age of 5, I was able to reflect on the big questions of life. It may sound painful, but during waterboarding the way we survived was by telling ourselves positive affirmations. There were many times I was under the dirty water for over 28 minutes. How do I know? Because those affirmations came rushing back when I made this YOUTUBE video and it is that many minutes long. There were many days like these and you can find ALL my affirmation videos on YouTube and iTunes. Afterwards, the only thing I was able to recover was my lunar calendar. Upon the announcement of my Nobel Peace Prize win, I was able to reflect proudly on all the rituals I was able to do during captivity and wrote them down to include in the lunar calendar. So in a nutshell, I created the lunar calendar.   

My Understanding Of The Following Calendars

  • The Solar Calendar: During times of wars and there are many noted in history, it was very frequent for data to get lost. Thus you will find many civilizations across the globe that followed A Solar Calendar which calculated daily time, but had no dates other than the time for Summer Solstice, Winter Solstice, and two Equinoxes. The most ancient famous civilizations following The Solar Calendar that I can think of are The Inca Civilization in South America, The Egyptian Civilization in the Middle East, The Mohenjadaro Civilization in Asia.
  • Cat and Dog’s Breeding Calendar: I know one of the many issues animal suffer from is knowing when to breed. With poverty, lack of medical supplies, and multiple wars the neglected natural cycle of animal breeding is a silent cost that humans eventually have to pay for. Three concepts that were brought to me during my permanent residence in Pakistan attention was overbreeding, nonbreeding, and euthanasia or putting them to sleep. One of my first steps in the fight to this crisis was to dissociate age from the animals’ psyche. In Pakistan, before the war, the animal hospitals were instructed to keep dates of the animals brought in during labor and ofcourse the offsprings. This removes added pressure on the animal to breed quickly, but helps during precarious times when the decision of euthansia needs to be made. While I have spend countless time and money on diverting the attention from euthanasia to more humane options one has acknowledged that nonbreeding plus our negligence has brought many to the option of euthanasia. Thanks to God, a little blond girl named Taylor Swift made sure that never happens by opening global nonprofits to which the likes the world has never seen before. A couple decades later the aftereffects to that global effort was overbreeding, which Facebook has done a brilliant job highlighting. There are a couple solutions to this reality. One must put a breeding calendar on dogs and cats breeding. What did I do to make sure my cats don’t feel lonely when they see a male tabby cat? I give them love like they have never imagined. That means hugs, kisses, enlightening conversations, and plenty of iPhone photo albums and YouTube playlists dedicated just for their growth. My two cats have ignored a male tabby cat all the times he has been walking around outside. I think the perfect age for cats and dogs to breed is FIVE. That is when they are mature to handle the responsibility and intelligent enough to understand parenthood. Knowing your pet’s age is perfect. Other things to know:
  1. There are no viruses involved with Feline Aids. They are literally too depressed to breed so if you get a cat with Feline HIV+, they are just depressed cats that need love and you cannot catch an STD from them.
  2. For those euphoric cats and dogs the concepts of spaying and neutering was invented. Realize none of their body parts are actually removed. They are just such an intelligent animal that they will get pregnant or pregnant at age one month old because they are bored. It is all psychological. The animal kingdom is doing just fine if we manage these “two” behaviors. Thanks to Taylor Swift and Alanis Morissette for helping me in this global effort.
  3. Declawing does not mean to remove a cat’s paw or “part of the paw”. Declawing literally describes the acts one must take to make a cat “not angry”. Those acts include turning off the lights, letting the cat into a dark room, aromatherapy, light music, and even opening the windows to let in the sounds of nature and sunlight.
  • The Gregorian Calendar: I have complete faith that The Gregorian Calendar started with Day One of the first Prophet that set foot on this Earth. I have visions of Prophet Adam picking up rocks, pebbles, walking in streams, talking to deers, and enjoying the fruits of labor. My understanding is that he named the months after constellations he found in the sky and assigned each month numbers. He was able to calculate how long each month was and how long each year was. Thus, I will say that although I have waited for scientists to come with an accurate year other than 45,000 years ago, human civilization began when the sun rose on the first day on Earth. Reserve the before to the scientists. I love them for that reason. Many ancient civilizations have used The Gregorian Calendar no matter what faith or religion they followed or the mythology they believed in. I recommend these two calendars to help you plan your daily life and plan ahead.
  • The Lunar Calendar: This truly is a wonderful calendar for women and women only. I always believed that men carried solar and creative energy and women carried lunar and nourishing energy so I created this specifically for the female gender who loves nature. To get the only lunar calendar licensed to be published and circulated by The Nobel Peace Prize Committee was created by me under the pseudonym of Stacey Demarco which is available here. There is a separate one for the southern hemisphere so look out for that one in the future. One of the first things I recommend to women is regulate your menstrual cycle with the moon waxing each month. This is the time when a woman’s energy is at its highest and most creative. My Stacey Demarco lunar calendar is perfect for this change.
  • The Muslim or Islamic Calendar aka Hijri Calendar: Officially Muslim Countries follow The Gregorian Calendar, but they follow a second calendar that reminds them of different holidays, festivals, and even important dates in Islam. The Islamic Calendar or Hijri Calendar also has twelve months, but runs lunar. It is ten days behind each Gregorian Calendar year. It starts with the month of Muharram and ends with the month of Dhu al-Hijjah. While the Christian World and the Jewish Community understands this lunar calendar is filled with important wars, many people can tell that this is the way Muslims in the ancient world ran their lives, meaning they organized their hunting, gathering, and sowing with it.
  • Look out for the Chinese Calendar soon highlighting the culture’s festivals or occasions. 
  • Travel Calendar: This is kind of funny to me, but after the amount of traveling I have done, I am sure immigrants and tourists of all shapes and sizes can enjoy what I want to say here. As I have grown older, I have learned to appreciate off-peak travel seasons. My husband and I have traveled and lived in many countries and cities during our first twelve years of marriage. After we moved to The United States permanently, we have stayed here. I would love for people who visit California all year long to enjoy every season California has to offer. It is so fun to travel here in spring and find yourself among flowers and sales. That is why in 2019 I planned for that to happen almost each weekend in spring. I have had women come up to me with children saying they had spend much money on shopping this time around, but had a lot of fun. That is great. For the high-peak summer travel season, I am trying to encourage visitors to visit the many festivals we have happening all summer long. There are local Art and Wine Festivals that can be searched online and the famous Shakespeare Festival that is free of cost. Fall is another season for shopping and enjoying the mildly chilly weather. And the winter season is a lovely time of year anywhere in the Catholic/Christian/Evangelical World.