The Ultimate Guide to the Rider Waite Tarot


Being a spiritual and some-what religious person (to some people), I have always been curious about the other realms in the universe. When I was younger and would hear about people talking to the dead and thought to myself “wouldn’t that be cool if I could do that?”. Fast forward some years, and I found myself at crossroads. I was going through immense pain spiritually and personally and tried to gain some steadiness through spirituality, but sometimes negativity just wins. And that is the truth about any spiritual journey-there are ebbs and flows as someone told me. It took me about ten years to overcome the grievances I felt through my spiritual journey. Now, in 2017, I feel more grounded and powerful as ever.

I have never connected to horoscopes, not because they were not true and vague, but because they never seem to talk about what was happening in my life. That’s where this book along with the Rider-Waite Tarot cards come into play.

I first learned about oracle cards in a getting-to-know-you-spiritual-guides class. Leanne Thomas ( a talented psychic medium was leading the class. She introduced us to pendulums and Doreen Virtue’s Angel Cards. Through exercises, I learned how much knowledge I was instinctually getting through the pictures and words on those cards. They were so accurate that I purchased a deck. The ones I use can be purchased here. Then after a retreat in Vancouver, Canada (which I mentioned in a previous post), I got to learn about The Rider Tarot Cards (which can be purchased here).

At the retreat, since I was new, I was told to use the cards using symbols in the pictures and connecting it to what I know. My friend, Krystal tells me that there is an actual math behind it (why math? Go figure.) So back to the retreat, there was a bit about spiritual guidance as well, which I won’t delve in. I was quite intrigued by the cards. The pictures look like medieval paintings you find in an old English church. I was curious to learn more about so I bought the book that is sort of a guide to the tarot cards. The book can be purchased here.

You may be asking why I decided to write a post on this. Well, let me defend my decision. Today, and probably in the past too because hey, this is life, people are striving to connect to God and their spiritual side. Some find it by physically going somewhere like church or nature. Others seek peace by saying a prayer and actually mouthing and hearing those words. For more visual people, this book can be a great guide to connect to the spirits. Don’t think that only psychics and mediums can use this-I feel anyone who believes in God and angels can use these cards and book for guidance.

The book is colorful and beautifully illustrated with a wealth of knowledge waiting to be discovered. It details important symbols on each card and also gives a brief interpretation as your starting point. Writing in a convenient format designed for a quick reference, the authors provide tips, hints, and symbology to improve your reading. It does get complicated with describing the different arrangements or “spreads” of the card, but you can ignore that. I use these two items as daily horoscopes and believe me they are accurate!

Please do look into this, if interested! Happy Reading!!

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