Trendy Umbrellas To Invest in Winter Season 2017


Hi Guys! And a happy Monday to all. Here in California, we are having another beautiful, sunny, and dry December. While the rest of the Northern Hemisphere is covered in snow, or rained on, we Californians start our mornings in heavy layers and peel them off as the day progresses. One accessory we tend to ignore, while others find essential to pack are umbrellas. So today I thought I would shed light on this much-ignored accessory (at least in California). One of my favorite part of rain season is the umbrella. It is the cutest things to see people from all walks of life huddled under their umbrellas, while the rain trickles down on the wet ground.

To tell you a little history about this accessory, besides some accounts in ancient China, the rain umbrella originated as a parasol and is documented as being used in areas such as ancient Rome, ancient Greece, ancient Egypt, the Middle East and India as early as the 4th century B.C.

I have always loved umbrellas. In high school, when the rest of my classmates would walk from class to class in classic black umbrellas, I would carry a bright peach one with a floral splatter. And boy did I get a lot of questions asking where it was from. Fast forward to 2014 where on my trip to Boston, Massachusetts, I bought an umbrella with Van Gogh’s Starry Night printed on it. I still have it and although you can tell I don’t use it often (if you read between the above lines), I truly feel in the center of attention when I am huddled under this piece of functional art. I did a bit of research and although I cannot find the exact one I have, there are umbrellas catered for every girl from chic to feminine, from artistic to unique online. So read on.

Polka Dots and Bubble Umbrellas



I love Kate Spade’s merchandise because it is suitable for every kind of girl and woman. Their Clear Dot Umbrella (See HERE) is a perfect accessory to a colorful outfit. It’s a wonderful play on the “bubble umbrella” that became famous in the 2000’s after Charlotte York carried it in a Sex and the City episode. With all the sales that are going on, I am sure you can score this cute thing on a discounted price for someone or your fabulous self.



For those dreary rainy days, a bounce of color (and a cup of coffee) can make your day go from drab to happy. That’s where a floral prints and bright colors come in. If you do not want to disappear in a sea of black umbrellas and overcoats, then try this bold choice from Kate Spade (See HERE). The purple color will look beautiful with reds, yellows, and browns-think color blocking with this piece.

Fine Art Umbrellas

If you are an artistic girl like me then consider the following pieces for your wardrobe collection. The umbrellas on this website (See HERE) that feature artwork designs from Monet, Degas to lesser known Frank Lloyd Wright. These umbrellas are a great conversation piece and trust me you will feel happy every time you have to take them out from your coat closet and use them. What I like about these umbrellas are that unlike some of the other umbrellas I recommend, these fit in your handbag or backpack.

Well, guys, please heed my advice and don’t forget to add this touch of class in your winter wardrobe. Happy Shopping!



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