Trump’s Presidency: Media Literature


Hi Guys and a happy Friday to you! This will iA be my last post for the week before I go into a deep hibernation phase during the weekend, except for occasional meal “breaks”. Ok, joking done.

Today, I wanted to shed some light, and I use this phrase humorously because I won’t be “enlightening” anyone when I say, President Trump’s presidency is a tough one for him and the rest of the public. However, one should note that each leader has come into this position and face their own challenges. The biggest one of them all is to win over media. If you look at it, each President comes with their own media baggage-President Clinton with his Lewinsky scandal, President Bush and his fiasco of assuming weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, President Obama’s both terms were wrought with racial tensions, and President Trumps with his own uncontrollable “assertion of power” through his infamous tweets.

It’s been almost a year since the end of the election and looking back at the legacy of Trump’s tweets and the news media coverage of him, it may seem like he is waiting to explode like a massive star and turn into a black hole sucking all what is good in America. However, what I think media fails to understand is their erratic coverage to “get the next story” covers a range of topics and issues, but fails to go in-depth with what is causing them in the first place. I am not surprised President Trump uses the online portal of Twitter to voice his opinion to probably drown down the cacophony of news mediators.

If you follow news stories since the 2016 election, the Russian investigation sprang up with Hilary Clinton’s email server and turned into what the Trump calls “a witch hunt” aka the Russian meddling investigation accusing HIM of colluding with the Russians in last year’s election. The ever looming race questions mar his reputation and create tensions in the nation-should we have confederate flags, should Muslim be banned and the endless #MeToo campaign that seems more like smear campaign against powerful men than dealing with the issue of gender biases and gender inequality. Frankly, I am a little upset with the news media and how they treat and report on events and their proceedings.

What Do I think Should Happen?

I think media coverage aside, President Trump needs to literally write down his top objectives for his first term. I thought the fact that he was able to pass new tax cuts and put new tax laws into action, was a huge victory for him. Domestically, the next step is to pressure employers to continue job growth opportunities and investments in exchange for the tax cuts he promised them and pass the darn national budget.

The national budget should cover subsidies for ObamaCare and government investments in healthcare advancements and green/clean fuel energy. I think tackling immigration is a critical point to consider in this term as well. Honestly speaking,  topics like gender issues and gender equality are more state-agenda appropriate than on a federal level.

Internationally, I think United States really need to cut down his involvement. Honestly, the only issue worth the concern is negotiating with North Korea. Other than that I think we should have a hands-off policy. Sure, maintain ties with our political allies such as Israel and Saudi Arabia and economic allies such as China is cool, but taking additional actions for them is unnecessary. I think I am too emotionally and psychologically spent to deal with anything else.

Instead of reading newspaper or articles, some alternative forms of literature are these books with thought-provoking perspectives on President Trump’s presidency, HERE,  HERE, HERE, and HERE.  Happy Reading!

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