Ultimate Designer Wish List 2017


Hi Guys! The following is my designer wish list for you to find inspiration from.


1. Valentino Studded Flats: I fell in love with Valentino Studded Mid-Heels when I found them on feet of Pakistani socialites. What I loved were their versatility-I could wear them with eastern and western wear. Being a tall girl, one thing I hate about high-end shoe-wear is heel length. It is quite difficult to find a cute pair of shoes that are only a couple of inches high. So I did a little bit of research and found that the Rockstud Caged Mid-Heels are also available in flats and are just as cute. Can’t wait to get my hand on these. It will be a while however since a pair cost approximately $900. Yikes!

2. Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flats: I found these on the Instagram account of a Pakistani lifestyle magazine. For those who know me know I am completely obsessed with cats. I have cats in my home, on my Facebook page, my Instagram feed, and now in my closet. These kitty flats come in many colors and depending on the style can be accessorized with eastern and western wear. I recently received a blue velvet flat with crystals on it as a gift and I cannot wait to wear it. They are very comfortable and were only $322. A steal considering how expensive other designer shoes are.

3. Gianvito Rossi Plexi 70 Heels: I fell in love with these mid-heels on the Instagram account of a fashion/lifestyle magazine (you see an unhealthy trend here;)). I don’t like the heel length of the original style, but what the designer has done is come up with a shorter heel which I totally approve. The color selection is limited, but showing part of my cute toes will make it worth it.

5. Roger Vivier Buckle Shoes: I first learned about this French designer from Seher Tareen, the mastermind behind the Studio S. label. I had seen photos of her public appearances on social media and was particularly impressed by her shoe and clutch collections. When I read an interview of hers, I learned that she likes to splurge on Roger Vivier shoes. I did a little bit of research and particularly liked the large buckle embellishment as it reminded me of the American pilgrims.

4. Alexander Wang Open-Toe Booties: I learned about Alexander McQueen on a vlog and fell in love with their interesting “chopped” block heels. A great fit for someone like me.

5. Dior Slingback Kitten Heels: These mid-heels are a perfect fit for a French wannabe fashionista. The special tilted heel juxtaposed with a rather “unspecial” slingback strap makes it a unique shoe to wear with clothes. I definitely think these are statement shoes-literally and figuratively. An absolute addition to a designer fiend like me.


1. Studio S. Degas Sari: I saw this sari on Mahira Khan and fell in love with it immediately. You may know that I am in love with art (I actually have socks with famous paintings woven in) and this sari pays homage to Edgar Degas with a pallu print of one of his famous ballerina paintings. I did a little bit of research behind Seher Tareen and was quiet impressed with her design philosophy. Seher Tareen did a minor in Art History and all of her designs pay tribute to artists and paintings of the past and present. Isn’t that neat?

2. Bunto Kazmi Bridal: To this day I don’t know how I got to know about Bunto Kazmi. I first remembered discussing it with one of my then-friends from college, a quintessential “Defense Girl”. I was growing up and developing my own sense of fashion and designer preferences. The age of the internet was new too, so it was a total miracle how I got to learn about her. I remember wanting to be a Bunto bride the moment I saw her designs online ;).


1. Burberry Scarf: If you like designers, you need to have a Burberry scarf in your personal designer collection. I like Burberry’s scarves and I can’t afford their trench coat, so I will stick with my $150 Banana Republic trench coat and splurge on a $400 Burberry scarf. Makes sense to me 😉

2. Alexander McQueen Skull Scarf: Okay, I admit it I had no idea who Alexander McQueen was until “the wedding dress”. And by that, I mean Kate Middleton’s wedding dress. It was absolutely divine.

3. Bunto Kazmi Woven Shawl: I learned that Bunto Kazmi makes special woven and embroidered shawls or wall hangings. So this talented designer is not only about clothes. Unlike Bunto’s bridals, which I have seen in person, I have never laid eyes on her shawls (or her wall hangings), but they are a work of art.


1. Judith Leiber Minaudiere: A Judith Leiber miniaudiere is a must for any fashionista. Completely encrusted with Swarovski crystals, these one-of-a-kind works of art can be carried with any formal attire-eastern or western. They come in fun shapes that are a perfect way to showcase your fun personality.

2. Hermes Jige Clutch: These lovely pieces are a modern fashionista’s dream. Available in bright fun colors, the Hermes Jige clutch is perfect for a brunch, high-tea, or any daytime event. They come in sleek rectangular shape and due to their clean lines can go perfectly with a light and airy lawn suit.

3. Alexander McQueen Clutch: Who here doesn’t want to get their hands on an Alexander McQueen clutch with a decorated skull clasp? This clutch is perfect for those rock-n-roll ladies who like to break roles, especially those that confine them as feminine. The signature studded clutches would give just the right amount of sparkle to a boring western outfit and clash well with formal eastern wear. But, that is what the brand is all about. Breaking established rules and redefining beautiful fashion.

Well guys! Hope you found this to be an interesting read. Happy shopping!


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