Unique (And Not So Unique) October Bucket List


Hi Guys! It’s been a rather hot October 2018. I don’t know about the rest of the country, but I find myself going out in sweaters only to find out I am warm instead of warm and cozy. But, I can only be thankful for the beautiful fall weather and pray California gets some rainfall this winter.

I hope you are enjoying my Halloween posts. Today, I like to mix it up today and write a Halloween post for grownups. Yes, this post is for those seemingly “lazy” individuals and couples who “can’t get their act together” or produce grandchildren to dote upon during Thanksgiving, Christmas, or for annual holiday photos. Yes, some people are still “saving themselves” for New Year’s Eve so they can watch the fireworks in the city at midnight or attend a late night party on New Years or sleep at nine o’clock because they can. Yes, this makes sense and these humans are still fun and interesting.

Halloween and the month of October are so much more than just dressing up in a ridiculous costume and going trick or treating or attending a party. It is about being spooky and mysterious, which invites a whole new level of wit, charm, and fun. I never was much of a “costume” person other than one or two Halloween’s. Even as a teacher, my students would weird out (not in a good way) if I talked about costumes because they knew it wasn’t me. Instead, they had fun with me playing tricks on them like pretending the classroom lights were not turning on after I turned them off to read a scary story or playing Harry Potter music while they did independent work or allowing them to chew ONE candy per day after Halloween. The highlight was my decision to dedicate the entire month on writing scary or mystery stories. The point is there is so much more to Halloween than going trick or treating that adults can enjoy. So here goes:

1. Go to A Medium: This is a great activity for anyone to get spooked or excited over. I have been to a medium several times and each time learned something unexpected. To me, a medium is anyone who can channel/communicate messages brought forth by spirits and angels. If you are completely clueless about what a Medium is you can check out clips of Long Island Medium or Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry on YouTube (See HERE) from anywhere in the world.


2. Visit A Haunted Place: Be it a decorated haunted house or an actual place haunted by spirits, this activity is fun for those daring young individuals looking for some spooky fun. In the Bay Area, places like the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose (See HERE) and The Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz are considered mysterious enough to be spooky. Check out their websites to see if they have night tours this month (See HERE and HERE).


3. BAGI: It’s a Bay Area tradition to shop for glass blown pumpkins & harvest vegetables decorated with haybale. There are “pumpkin patches” around chic open-air shopping centers (for obvious reasons) like Stanford Shopping Center (See HERE) and Santana Row (See HERE) brimming with such whimsy. The Walker and Bowes Company (See HERE) and the Bay Area Glass Institute (See HERE) has a lot to do with the tradition. The beautiful and delicately made pumpkins come in a variety of colors and designs that can tickle anyone’s fall or Cinderella fancy. I myself bought a green Walker and Bowes (See HERE) pumpkin in spring of 2017. They also serve as great mementos and gifts. Rumor has it they will come up with one annual design for a pumpkin or a harvest vegetable commemorating each “new” year soon.


4. Watch Scary Movies: For homebodies, watching a scary movie or two is a classic way to relax and celebrate the month. I plan on writing up a post on my favorite spooky classics plus 1990’s (Ha Ha) scary movies that you can enjoy with a tub of popcorn and candy corn. Just turn the lights off, grab a blanket (or a spatula or a wire whip as a weapon) and keep track of who screams the most while watching the movie.

*By the way the content in the parenthesis is a Friend’s (See HERE) reference, not Sana’s recommendation.

5. Throw A Halloween Party: For party-lovers who love throwing a Halloween party can have anything from a low-key (pizza and diet coke anyone?) to an ultimate affair. Remember to create a budget, use Pinterest to DIY whatever you can, and don’t forget to get ideas from blog posts like HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE. Also, you need to put on Micheal Jackson’s Thriller on your iTunes party mix (See HERE).


6. Food Ideas: Cooking is not my forte, but I have experimented with pumpkin, pecan, squash, and pumpkin spice for fall. Nothing says cute like wearing a fall themed apron (See HERE and HERE) and baking a pumpkin or pecan pie or whipping up a pumpkin spice latte (See HERE and HERE) to enjoy a fall afternoon. You can incorporate spices like nutmeg and cinnamon in your favorite fall recipes. And don’t forget your nieces and nephews when whipping up dishes for them (See HERE).


For those of you who want additional ideas, can check out my last year’s fall list of activities (See HERE).

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