Where I Think Fashion Should Go Next?


Those who know me know I love fashion. Shoes, accessories, and clothes all make my mind spin into psychedelic circles. Having lived and trying trends through several decades (note: I am not that old), I have formulated a personal style that reflects my vision of how I want to present myself to others. My first memories related to fashion were saving up for my first (and only!) set of Bermuda shorts AND looking though Nordstrom and Macy’s magazines in Pakistan. I even remember discussing my and their clothes options for Eid (religious holidays). Through my life, I have tried everything from preppy looks to bohemian flairs and have happily settled in the middle. So today I will try to do another editorial/opinion piece where I express my expertise gained through experience, knowledge and sheer power of foresight to answer a burning question: What should fashion go from here?

Fashion has come leaps and bounds through the years and one trend I notice is how aware people have become. They want to know what the new trends are, where their clothes come from, and what some cheaper alternatives are to some beloved styles.

One thing I want to see more of is women and men being more daring with their fashion expression. How can they achieve this personal style? By not just conforming to trends, but also adding a personal twist to them. One way to achieve that is mix-matching. I am a BIG fan of mix-matching; not just prints, but different fabrics and textures. Mixing velvet with silk, or lace with jeans, or faux fur with sequins (something I see Zara has done) has an element of surprise and excitement for fashion admirers. I would go as far as saying mix similar prints like different patterned plaids or pairing a floral skirt with a floral top and then adding a belt to it to give it structure. This makes the outfit appear different and reflects your personal style without breaking the bank.


I see more awareness in sustainable practices. This applies to not only work standards, but incorporating cruelty-free, more plant-based textiles as well. I see fur being replaced with faux fur, leather with some other synthetic fabrics and I see no one complaining. To me it is difficult to be 100% cruelty-free. However, your good intention counts even when you opt for cow-hide shoes as opposed to calf-hide shoes. I am a huge animal lover, and some of you may know that I try to opt for cruelty-free makeup and clothes, but ladies, being truly honest here-I can’t find myself choosing a completely sustainable, ethical and “vegetarian” wardrobe. That’s what I want to see more. I know Stella McCartney is experimenting with unique fabric threads like spider threads to make her exquisite clothing. I love that! No animal gets hurt and we get a completely alternative, sustainable, and naturally luxurious fabric material. She is also big and probably the only big-name designer to have ethical work standards in her label before it became trendy to be sustainable.


Another trend I want to see with the recent popular T-shirts trend is going big with accessories. I mean 1990’s big. Bold, colorful, statement pieces can liven up any dull outfit and are sort of added trimmings to an otherwise subdued fashion choice. I currently see a use of crystals, rocks and gems which is absolutely gorgeous. I have a friend who makes quilled earrings (you can check her work out on my Instagram page). So why not mix beads with feathers for a Native American vibe, or add chunky Eastern style gold jewelry to dress up a white button down? Adding genuine gems is a unique way to add personality to your look also. I know I get so many compliments when I wear my tourmaline or sapphire strings. Same goes with pearls. They are classic, yet chic enough to be modern.


One cultural trend I like to see is more eclectic fashion happening concurrently. I don’t want to see women dressed uniformly in pencil skirts or bell-sleeved tops because “it is in fashion”. I want to see long coats, short coats, pencil skirts, mini-skirts, and asymmetrical long tops to crop tops all at the same time. Also, I think it makes fashion much more fun when you can pick and choose a variety freshly available in the market, rather than resorting to going to a department store and settling for “things I look good in”.


The last trend I want to see is a no-brainer. Science mixed with fashion has come so far that I want to see its continued progress. Why not making all fashion clothes (not just workout or athleisure clothes) sweat-proof? Why not adding UV ray protection to your clothing? Why not have perfume-infused, allergen-free jewelry? With Science, there are no limits so I want fashion designers and labels pushing all fashion boundaries.


I hope that some of my friends read my advice in this piece and reflect on where they stand with their personal style. Happy Shopping!!!

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