Why I Say No To Fur


Everyone who knows me knows I love fashion-shoes, makeup,dresses, pants, lenghas (did I mention shoes?), but a HUGE part of me knows that it is not right to play dress-up while being cruel to animals. As a animal lover, I cry over the thought of poachers killing animals in Africa and stay awake thinking up ways to truncate habitat loss and extinction. Sadly, others don’t share my passions and that is okay because what I have learned is that one person can make a substantial difference in the world with tenacity and perseverance. So today, I figure I start a conversation with my readers on how I stay as animal cruelty-free as possible when it comes to fashion.

Makeup: There was a time when I signed up for any and all animal right groups pages on Facebook. After watching horrific videos and commenting (more like font screaming) at them, I suddenly stopped. Why? Just because of this ONE video. I don’t remember who posted it, but it included footage of sea-animal poachers fishing for sharks, cutting their fins, and dumping them back bleeding and ALIVE, with no fins to swim with. That was the height of human ugliness and cruelty for me and I said there is no way I can support these brands. How did I began my quest to be cruelty-free fashionista? I switched to cruelty-free makeup brands; and Sephora made it really easy for me to shop for animal-friendly brands so if you feel passionate about this cause, shop there. See my post HERE.

Leather/Fur Clothes: This is a BIG NO for me. I think animal skin and animal fur belongs on animals not humans. There is nothing fashionable about looking like a hedgehog with a mink coat on (sorry 🙁 ). I have never bought genuine leather or fur except ONCE and I regret it. I was in Rome, Italy back in 2001 and found a really good deal on a tanned leather jacket-it was quite beautiful and I was quite young and ignorant. Once learning about this inhumane reality a few years ago, I stopped wearing it and now, it is somewhere in storage. In my opinion, making thousands (and I mean thousands) of dollars from someone’s body parts is not fashion.

Shoes/Handbags: This is the most tricky part of being fashion conscious because Italian shoes come in genuine leather only. Lol. However, I find a way around it. There are many designers who use calf or kid leather and I don’t even touch those shoes. If the shoe is goat, cow or any adult animal’s leather, then I consider purchasing the heels. I also look for satin, velvet or patent leather when I can; I am so happy fabric shoes are in trend now. I do the same with handbags. Recently I have come across brands that use fruit plants and wood to make trendy handbags. I will showcase them in the blog in the future. In the meantime, click HERE and HERE.

Please be responsible when you shop and be informed about where your clothes, shoes, handbags, and makeup comes from. It is our duty to the planet and its no-human inhabitants. We cannot expect corporations and industries to make big changes in their workings, if we can’t demonstrate what we preach ourselves in our fashion. Happy Shopping!!