Write A Holiday Story With Alice In The Wonderland’s Plotline (Part Deux)


Hi Guys! How are you all doing? I am doing quite fine myself thank you for asking. Today I thought I’d finally get into tackling the second portion of the blog post on writing holiday stories with the Alice in the Wonderland plotline (see HERE). I am positive my online students have written their stories by now so this is a perfect day to commence part 2 of the lesson.


The best way to develop your characters is to add adjectives. While some teachers will tell you to develop characters by putting them through problems it is really the adjectives the writer uses that describes the different stages of the character. That makes characterization and character development separate than the plotline.

Here is the plotline I handed out in the last blog post. Add two specific adjectives in steps 1 and 7 only. For example what adjectives would you use to describe Alice in her wonderland in this clip from YouTube (see HERE). Boring? British? Stylish? Sleepy? Blond? Blue eyed? Magical?

  1. The Beginning: Who is the character of the story?
  2. Where and when is the story taking place? *this is not part of character development. 
  3. What is the problem the character run into?
  4. How did he get out of the problem?
  5. What is the second problem the character runs into?
  6.  How did he get out of the problem?
  7.  The End: How does the character change?

Show Behavior

For steps 3, 4, 5, and 6, show how the characters grow by showing behavior. View problems of Alice HERE and HERE. What adjectives would you use to describe Alice’s growth?

In step 7 show how your character has grown in the end. View the ending of the character Alice HERE to see how she grows wiser through this imaginary scavenger hunt of her hers.

For Young Adults

Children you must know that characterization is the same as character development. A character can’t be stagnant or anti dynamic because like each living creature there must be growth as the plotline unfolds. The most complicated characterizations I can think of are in the Harry Potter series. I hate to admit but the three main characters seem the most stagnant of the many characters written about in the series. The most dramatic characterizations I can think of are Professor Snape, Albus Dumbledore, and Lord Voldemort. While Professor Snape hides a deep secret till his very end he spends his life acting brooding, secretive, alert, antagonizing, submersive (sorry this is a word I created and I can only find it HERE), and elusive all in one. Albus Dumbledore and Lord Voldemort seem like two sides of the same coin. While Lord Voldemort fought for purity in the wizarding world it can be defined that Albus Dumbledore stopped him at every stage of the plan. However Lord Voldemort seemed very defiant in his own cause which can be said about Albus as well.

The splitting of characterisms (sorry this is a word I created) is very unique to Harry Potter. The idea of splitting Lord Voldemort into 6 Horcrux may be a blatant travesty in the eyes of many there is a hidden split that many cannot spot. And that split is the one I mentioned above. Could Albus Dumbledore have been Lord Voldemort’s 7 Horcux which he killed because he was hurt, angry, possessed, or conniving? Maybe cheery old Albus Dumbledore may have been more mischievous than a common Harry Potter fan thinks. Whatever the intention of J.K. Rowling was Lord Voldemort’s one side obviously didn’t last through the 7 books series and was succumbed as his plans unfolded.

Home Shopping Experience

I want to share a very sweet story about my family. Before I officially settled down my now husband and I went house shopping. My husband and I had been close friends for over 20 years before we tied the knot. So it was natural that we talked about our future together before we both walked down the aisle (individually. haha). I distinctly remember an afternoon as a child he asked me to visualize my dream house and I told him (and later my in laws) I want to live in California next to the ocean overlooking The Golden Gate Bridge. I saw the concern in his eyes when I said this because he was from the city of St. Louis in Missouri and California was so expensive that it was not worth it according to him. I let it go as a cute memory to keep for when we go house shopping together as grownups-wherever that may have been.

Fast forward to my college days and he broke the news that he bought a property in San Francisco and it overlooks the ocean and The Golden Gate Bridge. Even though secretly I thought the Bay Bridge was way cooler I was so excited to hear this that I started crying. After my classes at UC Berkeley (by the way I think I was the only female graduate at UC Berkeley for a long time. Is that true?) ended that day we both drove to San Francisco together to the property which was being renovated. I saw glass sheets everywhere and oceans and hills for miles. I got even more excited because I knew that Jack probably had saved all the ideas we shared and is incorporating them in the house.

I met the young architect and the agent who was working on the renovations of the original Frank Llyod Wright house. I figured both Jack and they were super excited about Frank Lloyd Wright because he was an American architect. They were like really excited.

We spent some time together looking at each room and asking questions about the changes we wanted to make and those that were required by law. Guys the view from the inside of the house is even more gorgeous than you can imagine. And before I could break down into a frightful cry Jack took me to one of the house’s rooms and got down on one knee and proposed! I stopped whimpering and got a little mad but said yes. The house is really a dream come true and I want to thank Jack every day for it.

The reason I picked this personal story of mine for this blog post is that like a scavenger hunt the whole house shopping experience was a hunt of some sort. I am sure Jack took decades to search for the perfect house and location in California and I myself took many months to finalize the improvements. Once the house was complete we spent a few nights and days in it and the house really can take your breath away so don’t stay in it for too long. Just kidding.